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Torcida Split is a HNK Hajduk Split supporters' group in Croatia with the branches in other countries, mostly, (but not exclusively) among Croat communities. Founded on 28 October 1950, Torcida is the oldest supporters group in Europe.[1] They are one of the major football fan groups in Croatia and the one of the largest in Southeast Europe.[citation needed]

Torcida Logo.png
Founded28 October 1950
(68 years ago)
TypeSupporters' group, Ultras group
ClubHNK Hajduk Split
MottoHajduk živi vječno (Hajduk lives forever)
LocationSplit, Croatia
ArenasStadion Poljud
StandNorth (at home)
Torcida fans decorating the stands of Poljud stadium during the Eternal Derby.

Their mascot is a donkey, but common symbol of Torcida is caricatura of legendary Hajduk's supporter Žan Ojdanić.


The Torcida was founded in 1950 by a group of sailors from Korčula who had witnessed the passion of the crowd at the World Cup Final in Brazil.[2]

The name "Torcida" returned to public use in 1980, when the new generation of fans of Hajduk wanted, by old name and tradition, to celebrate and support the club. Since then, the fans began to assemble in the north stand of the new stadium in Poljud.[citation needed]


They are in very good terms with another ultra group from Dalmatia, Tornado Zadar. They are in good terms with the biggest ultra group of Portuguese club Benfica, No Name Boys (NN). It started during the Croatian war, when NN showed a message "Freedom for Croatia", and some time later, Benfica played in Croatia against Hajduk and in a car accident in Mérida, Spain, 3 members of NN lost their lives (including the leader of NN, Gullit).[3]

Apart from that, their best good relationship is with the fans of Gornik Zabrze, a Polish football club, who also call themselves Torcida. The two groups have visited each other on their respective stadiums on multiple occasions, and this friendship reached its peak in February 2018 when Gornik Zabrze invited Hajduk Split for a friendly match on March 24, which would celebrate Gornik's 70th anniversary[4].

Torcida is also on Good terms with Magic Fans of Saint Etienne.


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