Tongil Station

Tongil station (North Korean official spelling: Thongil Station)[1] is a station on Chŏllima Line of the Pyongyang Metro.[2]

Tongil station

Pyongyang Metro - Tongil Station (15363322900).jpg
General information
LocationChung-guyok, Pyongyang
 North Korea
Coordinates39°1′55″N 125°45′23″E / 39.03194°N 125.75639°E / 39.03194; 125.75639Coordinates: 39°1′55″N 125°45′23″E / 39.03194°N 125.75639°E / 39.03194; 125.75639
Preceding station Logo of the Pyongyang Metro.svg Pyongyang Metro Following station
towards Puhung
Chollima Line Kaeson
towards Pulgunbyol

This station was renovated in 2019 to include TVs, LED displays and electronic guide maps were added on platforms and escalators.[1]

Tongil station features embossed copper carvings depicting themes of national reunification.[1]


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