Kaeson station

Kaeson Station is a station on Chŏllima Line of the Pyongyang Metro.[1] It is located near the Arch of Triumph and Kaeson Youth Park.

Kaeson Station

Kaeson station 2019.jpg
General information
LocationMoranbong-guyok, Pyongyang
 North Korea
Coordinates39°2′35″N 125°45′14.3″E / 39.04306°N 125.753972°E / 39.04306; 125.753972Coordinates: 39°2′35″N 125°45′14.3″E / 39.04306°N 125.753972°E / 39.04306; 125.753972
Preceding station Logo of the Pyongyang Metro.svg Pyongyang Metro Following station
towards Puhung
Chollima Line Jonu
towards Pulgunbyol

The station was refurbished in 2019 with new lighting and TVs to entertain waiting passengers, as well as LED signs showing train information and local weather.

The mural is called The People Rise up in the Building of a New Country.[2]

The People Rise up in the Building of a New Country


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