Puhung station is a metro station on the Mangyongdae Line of the Pyongyang Metro.[2][1] It is the southern terminus of the Chollima Line. Before the rules were relaxed in 2010, it was one of the only two stations that tourists could visit, the other one being Yonggwang station, because these two stations are the most finely decorated in the system. These two stations were also the last two to be completed.[3]

Puhung station

View of the station's island platform.
General information
LocationPyongchon-guyok, Pyongyang
 Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Coordinates39°0′38.3″N 125°45′3″E / 39.010639°N 125.75083°E / 39.010639; 125.75083
Owned byPyongyang Metro
Operated byPyongyang Metro
Platforms2 (1 island platform)
Structure typeUnderground[1]
Bicycle facilitiesNone
Opened10 April 1987 (10 April 1987)[1]
Preceding station Pyongyang Metro Following station
Terminus Chollima Line Yonggwang
towards Pulgunbyol

Puhung station features murals entitled The Great Leader Kim Il-sung Among Workers,[3][4] A Morning of Innovation, and Song of a Bumper Crop.[4]

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