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The story that Yochanan Ben Zakkai was smuggled out of Jerusalem during the siege and predicted that Vespasian would become emperor requires considerable credulousness or a better explanation, because the siege of Jerusalem began in May, 70 CE but in July of 69 Vespasian had already been proclaimed emperor. See here for example - [[Mewnews (talk) 23:55, 16 May 2009 (UTC)]]

Article titleEdit

FYI: I moved the page to Yohanan ben Zakkai per WP:COMMONNAME after reviewing the frequency of many possible names on Google Ngram Viewer. See the graph here.

Alternate name spellings considered and compared
  • Jochanan ben Zaccai
  • Jochanan ben Zakai
  • Jochanan ben Zakkai
  • Johanahben Zaccai
  • Johanahben Zakai
  • Johanahben Zakkai
  • Johanan ben Zaccai
  • Johanan ben Zakai
  • Johanan ben Zakkai
  • Johanan b. Zaccai
  • Johanan b. Zakai
  • Johanan b. Zakkai
  • Johannan ben Zakkai
  • Jokhanan ben Zaccai
  • Jokhanan ben Zakai
  • Yochanan ben Zaccai
  • Yochanan ben Zakai
  • Yochanan ben Zakkai
  • Yohanahben Zaccai
  • Yohanahben Zakai
  • Yohanahben Zakkai
  • Yohanan ben Zaccai
  • Yohanan ben Zakai
  • Yohanan ben Zakkai
  • Yohanan b. Zaccai
  • Yohanan b. Zakai
  • Yohanan b. Zakkai
  • Yohannan ben Zakkai
  • Yokhanan ben Zaccai
  • Yokhanan ben Zakai

Daask (talk) 17:38, 22 May 2018 (UTC)

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