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Translators error. edit

There is a big mistake in this page. It does not describe Mort a credit but Voyage au bout de la nuit. It is another book by the same author. Mort a credit describes the adolescence of Ferdinand and not his later life as a doctor (Ferdinand Bardamu) which is described in Voyage au bout de la nuit. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:52, 2 January 2010 (UTC)Reply

The substitution of "credit" for "Instalment plan" in the translation is non-sensical. The French word "Credit" means the same in French as it does in English, and "credit" can be received and repayed without any instalments.

Page Title edit

Most English language readers will encounter this novel under its most common English title "Death on the Installment Plan". Titling the page to conform to a less common, even if more literal, translation is unnecessarily obscure. Further, popular conceptions of credit have changed since 1936, and the the implication of death as the object and a regular, finite series of payments to that end, is better reflected in the less literal translation in modern usage.

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Plagiarism or Copyright Violoation? edit

The "Content" section reads like a publisher's blurb. Probably because it is. The same text is found on many booksellers' websites. I think it should probably be deleted as a copyright violation.

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