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contribution in the excellent article

                         CAMILO SESTO : 
                             Camilo Sesto Camilo Sesto-SUPERSTAR
                             Camilo Sesto
                             Personal Information
                             NombreCamilo Blanes Cortés
                             Nacimiento16 September 1946 (62 years)
                             OrigenAlcoy, Alicante, Spain 
                             Occupation (s) singer
                             Artistic Information
                             Sesto AliasCamilo
                             Género Balada, pop, rock
                             Instrument (s) Vocals, guitar, drums
                             Actividad1971 previous - present
                             Camilo Blanes Cortés, better known by his stage 
                             name Camilo Sesto (Alcoy, 
                             Alicante, Spain September 16, 1946), Spanish 
                             singer-songwriter, is one or perhaps 
                             concerning the outstanding ballad singer of Latin 
                             pop and Spanish rock. 
                             It ampliamante considered the most complete artist 
                             of his generation, 
                             classified as a superstar, it is an author, 
                             composer, performer 
                             and producing his own work. It's one or the most 
                             important Spanish singer 
                             of the 1970s and 1980s. His popularity in Spain 
                             besides iberoamérica 
                             reached highs, is today greatest idol in 
                             Argentina, Chile, 
                             Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican 
                             Republic among others, besides 
                             recognized throughout Latin America his reputation 
                             also spread to other countries, 
                             remain even today in countries widely known and 
                             highly regarded American 
                             in his native Spain. She also appeared 
                             successfully in other places, like 
                             U.S., Japan, Germany, Italy and the rest of 
                             With only 25 records released, of which he has 
                             been a producer and nearly 
                             composer always has sold more than 166 million 
                             copies in several 
                             continents (if you add the other artists in which 
                             he has acted as 
                             producer or composer, the figure exceeds 166.9 
                             million). Has 
                             registered with the Society of Authors and 
                             Publishers over 600 songs. 
                             It is also the singer speaking with the record for 
                             most number of 
                             "Number 1" worldwide: 52 in total and 18 - in 
                             stereo "The 40 
                             main ".
                             It is known for the quality of her voice, capable 
                             of joining the rich hues 
                             expressive with a great power and flexibility (he 
                             can overcome the three 
                             octaves, as their vocal ranges from bass to tenor 
                             even to the tenor-soprano).
                             Not only has he worked on his own career: as a 
                             composer and also pushed 
                             producer for artists like Miguel Bose, Francisco, 
                             Angela Carrasco, Lani Hall, 
                             Lucía Méndez, Manolo Otero, Sergio Fachelli, and 
                             even produced Charytín 
                             songs and the lyrics translated into Castilian Air 
                             Supply album.
                             Contents [hide]
                             1 Biography 
                             1.1 Your beginnings: the 60s 
                             1.2 1970 to 1979 
                             1.3 1980 to 1989 
                             1.4 1990 to 1999 
                             1.5 2000 onwards 
                             2 Discography 
                             3 External Links 
                             3.1 Interviews audio
                             Biography [edit] Born into a family of humble. His 
                             parents are Eliseo 
                             Blanes (deceased) and Joaquín Cortés. The mother 
                             tongues are Camilo Sesto 
                             Valencian and Spanish.
                             His first steps as a singer in the choir gives 
                             them their school in Alcoy. But 
                             not really became interested in music until the 
                             age of 16. 
                             At that time most admired singer is Joselito, who 
                             was then drink the 
                             Spanish radio station.
                             Its inception: the 60 [edit] As of the 60 Camilo 
                             (then still Camilo Blanes) is part of the pop 
                             group The Dayson, with which 
                             sings at weddings and baptisms for his native 
                             region of Alcoy. They interpreted 
                             songs by The Beatles, the Bee Gees, the Dynamic 
                             Duo, Raphael and others as well 
                             of the first compositions of Camilo. After editing 
                             a record, in 
                             1965 travel to Madrid to participate in the 
                             competition for Spanish TV 
                             "Jump to Fame." Interpret Flamenco, Los Brincos. 
                             After that 
                             performance, the remaining group members returned 
                             to Alcoy, but Connor 
                             remained in the capital to make his fortune. He 
                             had to engage in play 
                             instruments, to do background vocals for other 
                             musicians and painting (his other passion), 
                             to survive.
                             In 1966 Cameron enters the ranks of another group, 
                             booties, which from 
                             Camilo then renamed and boots. The group 
                             participates in 1967 
                             shooting of the Spanish film version of The Pied 
                             (played by Spanish singer Miguel Rios), and 
                             Children's Preu 
                             (directed by Pedro Lazaga. It becomes one of 100 
                             films views 
                             Spanish film history. Its role in autobiographical 
                             pieces it contains. 
                             After fulfilling his military service in Almeria, 
                             in 1970 began his 
                             solo career as "Camilo Sexto" (well, with "x"), 
                             urged that 
                             also gives the singer and producer Juan Pardo, and 
                             Camilo then sings backing vocals for his songs, 
                             and John Brown gives him his 
                             first record, which included two themes come the 
                             summer and no direction. Without 
                             However, having no success with his promotion, he 
                             decides to opt out of Juan Pardo 
                             and begins to compose and produce their own work.
                             In 1971 his stage name change to happen hereafter 
                             to be called 
                             "Camilo Sesto" (with "s" and not "x"). Her first 
                             appearance on TV 
                             Spanish as a soloist is playing the theme Good 
                             evening, pop adaptation 
                             the famous Brahms lullaby. The year is 1971, and 
                             thanks to the great success 
                             who gave me Something composition (his first No. 
                             1) contained in 
                             the self-titled album is dedicated to grass roots 
                             1970 to 1979 [edit] 1970
                             In the fall recording a single containing two 
                             tracks (come the summer and Without 
                             address), even under the stage name "Camilo Sexto.
                             "Camilo Sesto" (the beginning of the legend).
                             Wins the "Revelation" for the year 1971, the 
                             Festival of 
                             You smell of Song ".
                             Participate in the "Song 71" Goodnight to the 
                             In March he recorded his album Something about me. 
                             Begin to be popular with 
                             Launch titles like your voice (composed by Juan 
                             Pardo), Thee Manuela, Ay, ay, 
                             Beggar Rosetta and love. But the ultimate success 
                             comes with Something Connor 
                             Me, the first of its most emblematic compositions.
                             In May participates in the Eurovision Song of the 
                             Atlantic "in Puerto de la 
                             Cruz, Tenerife, where he won the second place, 
                             with the song "Beggar of Love
                             Prints an international dimension to their 
                             artistic horizons by crossing the 
                             Atlantic Ocean and began his career in America. 
                             Starts in 
                             Buenos Aires (Argentina), where it so very popular 
                             On 16 September 1972, midway through his 
                             performance in Molina de Segura 
                             (Murcia), take to the stage representatives of the 
                             Cadena SER and give the 
                             Award for "Song of Summer".
                             Receives, among other honors, the "Golden Record" 
                             award that recognizes their 
                             Early sales success. Gets the Prize "Applause" in 
                             the month of June in 
                             In December, on newsstands this album just a man. 
                             It highlights another of its 
                             greatest hits: the song Love, love. Camilo It puts 
                             music to a poem 
                             Lucia Bosé.
                             In the II "OTI Song Festival", held in Belo 
                             (Brazil), achieved the 5th position with the topic 
                             Anything else, which will reach 
                             become, paradoxically, be a bestseller in the 
                             field of OTI.
                             In the "Festival of the Atlantic" will award 
                             prizes for "Best Show" this year.
                             Create music for the play Stay for breakfast, 
                             Obtained, among others, the prize "Golden Ring" 
                             the best singer.
                             In the "Marathon 1973" of the radio network COPE 
                             is given the 
                             named "Best Singer of the Year.
                             It also gets an award from the chain of stations 
                             in the REN and the Trophy to 
                             the popularity "of the Village Journal.
                             He was awarded three awards from the magazine 
                             Record World, and the prize of the journal 
                             The great musical.
                             In November of that year goes on sale one of its 
                             best-selling albums: Something 
                             more items: Anything else, no cure all for nothing 
                             and reach the first 
                             locations around the world.
                             His performance at the Palace of Fine Arts in 
                             Santiago de Chile is developed 
                             under tight police control, for certain political 
                             groups to try to 
                             In February at the Festival de Viña del Mar, 
                             Edit your album and tracks like Camilo you be my 
                             lover?, Rains in the wet, 
                             Help me and let me join your game start to rise in 
                             the lists of 
                             radio hits worldwide.
                             You receive gold records in Canada, Mexico and 
                             Venezuela, with its millions sales 
                             with the topic Will you be my lover?.
                             Singing in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, 
                             Ecuador, United States, Puerto 
                             Rico, Mexico and Japan. Upon returning to Spain, 
                             you receive a Gold Disc
                             On November 6, starring Cameron begins to rock 
                             opera Jesus Christ 
                             Superstar Theater Palace of Madrid-Alcalá (Spain). 
                             But also the 
                             produced, paid in full. He had decided to do it in 
                             Spain after 
                             attend several performances in London. The project 
                             was extremely 
                             complex and expensive, so that cast doubt on its 
                             viability. But a 
                             Once implemented, the functions are extended by 
                             four months with great success 
                             public. Through its music performance (and 
                             interpretive), criticism, which 
                             until then it was still somewhat elusive, will 
                             surrender to your feet. The magnitude and 
                             overall quality of the work (the music composer, 
                             Andrew Lloyd Weber 
                             recognized that the only production all made 
                             throughout the world 
                             comparable to the original American was Spanish) 
                             helped raise 
                             Camilo in Spain to the category of best artist of 
                             the moment. And he 
                             Start the phenomenon of music in Spain, previously 
                             Cameron played the role of Jesus of Nazareth. Also 
                             participating in the 
                             Angela Carrasco cast in the role of Mary 
                             Magdalene, Teddy Bautista, as 
                             Judas (also responsible for the musical direction) 
                             Alfonso Nadal, as Pontius 
                             Pilate, and Dick Zappala, as Herod Antipas, among 
                             others. Direction and 
                             adaptation of the original lyrics was done by 
                             Jaime Azpilicueta. The 
                             own production was Camilo Sesto, investing in the 
                             project over 12 
                             million pesetas.
                             At the end of the play, Gillette offers Camilo 
                             fifty thousand U.S. dollars 
                             by shaving the beard to one of your ads. Singer 
                             agrees, but gives 
                             money to a home for orphaned children.
                             After Jesus Christ Superstar, Camilo sponsors and 
                             accompanying Angela Carrasco 
                             several early this promotional concerts.
                             This year is an especially prolific for Cameron, 
                             published in November for the 
                             Free love album (topics such as never, Melina and 
                             angel skin are quickly approaching 
                             the top) and in December the work for Jesus Christ 
                             In the U.S. the theme Will you be my lover? is 
                             nominated for a Grammy.
                             Also, get the award for best attraction, awarded 
                             by the magazine Show 
                             Spress and Vips Gold Award for his outstanding 
                             Launches Memories album. Among the hits that 
                             contain highlights the first item, 
                             Memory, which Camilo exhibits extraordinary 
                             qualities of her voice, 
                             but it's his only issue you composed Connor, who 
                             would turn around 
                             a bestseller. The album is produced by Camilo 
                             Sesto and Teddy Bautista.
                             In Ecuador, Plaza de Toros de Quito, meets no less 
                             than 17,000. His 
                             reputation is growing steadily.
                             During that year he composed two songs for Miguel 
                             Bosé, who throws as 
                             singer to produce his first record.
                             Sale to the public in May the album features, and 
                             quickly if you go, With 
                             wind in your favor and love my good successes 
                             become number 1 in the entire 
                             world. That same year published another album 
                             called Between Friends. The title does 
                             reference to composers, to which Cameron opens, 
                             inviting them to this 
                             disc. These include the Spanish composer Juan 
                             Carlos Calderón, who 
                             among other topics will consist Jealousy, one of 
                             the few great successes of Camilo 
                             of which he is not the author.
                             Up to that year and has recorded over 100 songs.
                             Make a memorable concert on the eve of the Feast 
                             of Kings, giving a recital 
                             beneficial in the setting of Alcalá-Palace Theater 
                             to benefit children with 
                             different capacities.
                             We granted the title of "most important Spanish 
                             Singer, 1977".
                             Offers concerts throughout America and in several 
                             Spanish cities.
                             They released their album Feelings. It is the 
                             theme Living well is to die for 
                             love, one of the most covered songs in history as 
                             radiated from the 
                             Spanish music. At the same time, its theme the 
                             love of my life, the same album, 
                             becomes the best selling single of the decade and 
                             a classic.
                             Get the Prize "Attraction" as the singer more 
                             engaged during that year.
                             In addition, he delivers a Platinum, having sold 
                             more than one 
                             million records.
                             That summer, working hard, because July and August 
                             in 43 acts 
                             In November he toured the United States and 
                             That year also recorded in Germany.
                             Camilo performs with great success in Germany, 
                             France and Italy.
                             Take 3 months off in Los Angeles, setting up 
                             residence with the 
                             to conquer the American market and improve their 
                             In April, awarded a Platinum Record for having 
                             sold a record 
                             13 million albums worldwide.
                             For 25 galas in August in Spain.
                             On November 6 show at Madison Square Garden in New 
                             York, before 
                             more than 45,000 people, under the claim of being 
                             "The Sinatra of Spain". It works with 
                             Angela Carrasco him.
                             On 27 June in the Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca, 
                             is present with other 
                             great singers at the Festival to benefit Unicef.
                             On July 7, performs a role in "The Great Musical, 
                             with over 45,000 
                             Write a song especially for the Mexican singer 
                             Jose Jose, "If you leave me 
                             Now "which gives its name to the album of this 
                             interpretation, like other 
                             song: "Donde vas" that record, produced by Mr. 
                             Blanes dumbbell and 
                             Jose Jose, reaches a high number of sales 
                             throughout the continent.
                             Occurs in December Hours love your album, and 
                             tracks like The fault was mine and 
                             If you leave me now stand fast in the first place.
                             1980 to 1989 [edit] In the 80 Camilo Sesto 
                             continues its successful 
                             career, but still adapt to new times, mainly 
                             updating through the arrangements of his 
                             compositions. The theme 
                             cornerstone of their creations will continue to 
                             During January, held in Madrid and Barcelona for 
                             charity galas Cross 
                             From March through June lives in Los Angeles in 
                             the mansion belonging to 
                             actor Carroll O'Connor. After returning to Spain 
                             to act.
                             In May he delivered a song to Jose Jose, 
                             "Insatiable Lover", which would 
                             included in the album Love, love Mexican singer 
                             and place it in the 
                             first places.
                             In late June visit Argentina with Angela Carrasco. 
                             Their presence is 
                             utilized for inclusion in the movie's disco love 
                             In August gala makes the first summer in Madrid.
                             On October 1 performs the OTA galas 80 Palma de 
                             Mallorca. Connor sings 
                             cast right pinky finger, because of an injury he 
                             had suffered 
                             during a tennis match.
                             In summer he returned to Madrid to reappear in a 
                             series of galas.
                             At the end of that year published his album 
                             Sunrise, hits like "Forgive me, One love 
                             does not die like that, wherever you are, whom you 
                             become number 1 
                             With the theme Forgive sells ten and a half 
                             million records.
                             In November, his new album Sunrise succeeds in 
                             Mexico, and received the award 
                             "Golden Globe".
                             In January a hit in the hit show Telebingo 
                             In February, during the "Festival de Viña del Mar, 
                             Chile, awarded the Prize 
                             Silver Gull. It is the first artist to be granted. 
                             This award will be 
                             since then consecrated as the symbol of this 
                             Arrives in Argentina in March to perform at the 
                             Opera Theater.
                             In September it will move to Los Angeles, to a 
                             mansion owned by the actor 
                             Michael York.
                             In October, the album hits the market More and 
                             more, the issues Amor no me ignores, 
                             Sooner or later, and the classic I do not know how 
                             you are number 1 in all 
                             Hispanic Heritage Day returns to action at Madison 
                             Square Garden in New 
                             York, participating in the Festival de la 
                             It offers a concert in Palma de Mallorca to 16,000 
                             people with an exciting 
                             time: when the subject Camilo Forgive devotes his 
                             mother, and both break into 
                             crying, the audience stands up.
                             At the end of this year produced the album with 
                             desire, which are fired 
                             quickly to the top issues as you My world, while 
                             you follow me 
                             need, Give me back my freedom and Velvet and 
                             That same year her album launches Camilo, recorded 
                             entirely in English.
                             In January he presented with extraordinary success 
                             in the BBC, in the Show 
                             Grace Kennedy. The host name it "Camilo Sesto 
                             Superstar", both 
                             perform a duet You do not bring me flowers, and 
                             Connor sings his most recent 
                             successes, including Shoulder to Shoulder.
                             On 14 and 15 May Camilo Sesto presented at the 
                             Felt Forum in New York with 
                             full to bursting and a delirious crowd. The 
                             criticism is unanimous in the sense of 
                             that the show presented "is the best staging of 
                             the moment 
                             music around the world (Disco Show).
                             In late May, during his trip to the United States 
                             presented at The 
                             Universal Amphitheater. Two weeks before his 
                             presentation is sold out 
                             locations. In Los Angeles says the magnificent 
                             spectacle presented by 
                             The 10, 11 and 12 June Cameron returns to the 
                             stage in Miami. It acts on the 
                             Miami Beach Theater of Performing Arts, with full 
                             On July 29 acts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary 
                             Camilo Sesto successful in Hollywood. His 
                             presentation at Universal Studios in 
                             two hours of action before more than 16,000 
                             persons, places like the artist 
                             biggest foreign that year (Disco Show).
                             That year also produced an LP for Angela Carrasco, 
                             Unite, composed and produced 
                             by himself. And another for the Mexican Lucía 
                             Méndez, entitled Near you, 
                             produced and written by Cameron himself.
                             In early November in Mexico made more than a dozen 
                             charity galas, 
                             where all proceeds will benefit the poorest, among 
                             Mexican Association of Cardiovascular Care, 
                             Children's Association 
                             Orphans "The Mexicanito" The Rotary Foundation of 
                             Rehabilitation, Red Cross 
                             Mexicana and Casa Cuna "La Paz", among many 
                             others. Camilo makes delivery of the 
                             personal checks.
                             On November 24 his son was born Michel Camilo, the 
                             result of a casual encounter 
                             Lourdes Mexican with Ornellas.
                             Later this year they released their album 
                             Earlier this year's Love of Women, Paloma Blanca 
                             and I love you, the album 
                             Amanecer/84, reaching the first places in America, 
                             Asia, Europe and America 
                             On 14 February, coinciding with Valentine's Day, 
                             Connor receives 
                             Odette Pinto hands on the club Barcelona Muntaner 
                             4, the prize "Romeo 
                             of Song. "
                             On February 17 Women's Love and is No. 1 in Spain 
                             and then number 1 in "The 
                             Top 40.
                             In late February Connor gives a tribute at the 
                             posh restaurant 
                             "The Bastille" by the great success achieved in 
                             the United States, Japan and 
                             During the 3 and 4 March performs two concerts at 
                             Radio City Music Hall 
                             New York.
                             The March 17 delivery is made in that city, the 
                             ACE Awards 
                             "Best Foreign Artist" and "Best Show Abroad.
                             In May he was invited to the Gala Election of Miss 
                             Venezuela, where he plays 
                             Forgive successes, Love of Women and The Game of 
                             Love (song Venezuelan).
                             On May 11 Camilo acts in Chicago, where together 
                             more than 15 thousand people in 
                             "Le Pavillon".
                             The single My Love, played a duet with singer and 
                             actress Audrey Landers 
                             (From the series Dallas), becomes a success in the 
                             United States in 
                             Germany and the Netherlands.
                             On September 25 legally recognized paternity of 
                             her child with the Mexican 
                             Lourdes Ornellas. After some disagreements, 
                             Lourdes Ornellas you 
                             granted custody of Michel Camilo.
                             On October 15, in room Florida Park in Madrid, 
                             delivered discs 
                             Gold and Platinum the most important singers. 
                             These awards are 
                             guaranteed by the General Society of Authors of 
                             Spain and the Association 
                             Phonographic of Video. Cameron was on tour, but 
                             was awarded a Gold Record 
                             and one Platinum.
                             Between Oct. 8 and Nov. 13 made a triumphal tour 
                             Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador (November 3, at the 
                             Stade de Guayaquil, 
                             brings together more than 60,000 people).
                             Along with a tour of the Dominican Republic 
                             totaled more than 21 galas.
                             In December triumphs in "La Gran Noche de Camilo 
                             Sesto" in the room Scala 
                             -Meliá Castilla in Madrid.
                             Edit the album Yours, and themes as long as my 
                             soul I feel and look or took the 
                             first places.
                             Camilo Sesto in February reached the island of 
                             Puerto Rico, and such is the euphoria of 
                             thousands of fans that Governor Rafael Hernández 
                             Colón says the 21 
                             February 1985 "Day Tribute to Camilo Sesto.
                             In March receives an award for being the artist 
                             who has contributed most to the 
                             advocacy and dissemination of Spanish culture.
                             In May conducted a successful tour of Japan: 7 
                             concerts, which meets 
                             more than 40,000 people.
                             On May 10 already sold out all tickets for the 
                             concert in 
                             On 13 and May 14: Nagoya Kaikan Hall, all 
                             locations sold.
                             On 17 and 18 May: Osaka. Show broadcast on radio 
                             for four 
                             million people, a video recording for later 
                             Day 19: Fukuoka International Center. Full all.
                             In September you get the "Prize Song Ricard 1984," 
                             the singer more 
                             From October to November on a tour of 4 countries, 
                             with 21 galas and a 
                             audience of 60,000.
                             He wrote his autobiography, biography and memoir, 
                             published by Plaza & 
                             Janes. In plasma it all their lives, their 
                             experiences, their loves, their 
                             concerns, his family, his musical references and 
                             Agenda see your dance album and the new version of 
                             Loving you is placed 
                             at the top.
                             In February, he performed the Grammy Awards in Los 
                             Angeles. The 
                             best performer in the category "Latin Music" was 
                             Lani Hall, who thanked 
                             Camilo support (as he had composed and produced 
                             the album, Lani, and 
                             co-presented the winning song Heart chained).
                             In March returns to Puerto Rico, with 3 concerts 
                             in the Fine Arts Center, 
                             where singing in English ended Yesterday.
                             On March 24 RCA-Ariola makes delivery of the 
                             biggest selling records of that year: 
                             Camilo Sesto is who gets the most: 7 gold records 
                             and 1 Platinum.
                             In October made a successful tour of Mexico for 
                             just over a month.
                             In late October, made another successful U.S. tour 
                             with full 
                             Total (the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, 
                             the Performing Arts, the Circle 
                             Stadium in San Francisco). Also presents at 
                             Disneyland, after participating 
                             dolls in the Disney parade, gives a concert for 
                             more than six thousand people 
                             and recording a video next to Snow White.
                             This is, however, the year of his retirement from 
                             the stage. In March 1987 
                             declared in Hello magazine: "I'm watching because 
                             I got older I get 
                             more to my son. "Since that's the main reason, 
                             they can also be identified as 
                             causes for fatigue Camilo goodbye after a long and 
                             dense history 
                             artistic, and more than 6000 concerts from 1970 to 
                             1987 around the world without 
                             Moving to Miami (Florida).
                             Since March alternating the use of U.S. residence 
                             with his cottage in 
                             Torrelodones, Madrid (Spain) provided with your 
                             Make some sporadic actions by Spain: on July 15 in 
                             La Eliana 
                             (Valencia), on August 27 in Santa Pola (Alicante), 
                             on 5 September in 
                             Rocafort (Valencia) and on 8 September in Monóvar 
                             Connor spends Christmas in Spain with her son.
                             In November, Cameron celebrates the 6th birthday 
                             of his son Connor.
                             1990 to 1999 [edit] 1991
                             Return to the world of music with the album A will 
                             of heaven, which breaks 
                             record sales in America, and stay in first place 
                             in the magazine 
                             It carries out actions in Caracas (Venezuela) and 
                             Bogota (Colombia), after the 
                             which is received a standing ovation for over half 
                             an hour.
                             Arrives in Argentina to promote his album A will 
                             of heaven, appearing 
                             in programs Mirta Susana Gimenez and Legrand.
                             Later that year, the theme Darling what have you 
                             done? holds the record for 
                             18 consecutive weeks at number 1 Billboard 
                             On newsstands love the album Hurricane.
                             In April works in Lima (Peru).
                             In March in Mexico is presented in celebration of 
                             the 30-year career 
                             Jose Jose, reciting a few words and sang the song 
                             that 14 years ago 
                             He wrote: "If you leave me now."
                             Album hits stores Amor sin vertigo.
                             She still lives in his mansion in Coconut Grove, 
                             Poinciana Avenue, Miami.
                             On April 21, the program is Possible Today, 
                             Spanish Television, acts 
                             with her Spanish admirer of Alaska, then leader of 
                             the group Fangoria. 
                             They take two of the great successes of Connor: 
                             Living well is to die for love and the 
                             love of my life.
                             On August 17, attends the game show Hello, hello, 
                             hello, along with Jorge 
                             Sanz and Santiago Segura.
                             On November 19 the program operates in the Pacific 
                             The double disc compilation Camilo Superstar is 
                             among the more than 10 albums 
                             On December 2 will deliver the award for 25-year 
                             career, and 
                             have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.
                             Edited collections in America called The Best, 
                             Volumes I and II.
                             On January 20, receives a recognition of the 
                             Cadena Dial, as one of the 
                             Spanish fifteen artists more ears in 1997.
                             Superstar Camilo again becoming one of the 
                             best-selling albums of that 
                             On July 4 performs an action in Vilassar de Dalt, 
                             near Barcelona.
                             During June, July and August gave concerts in 
                             Barcelona, Malaga (Theater 
                             Tivoli) and Galicia.
                             In September offers a mass concert in the Plaza 
                             Mayor of Valladolid 
                             2000 onwards [edit] 2000
                             Achieves record which had been one of the musical 
                             projects you most 
                             illusions: the musical The Phantom of the Opera, 
                             Andrew Lloyd Webber. 
                             Assists in the singer Isabel Patton. But legal 
                             troubles prevent him 
                             Album Release.
                             He transplanted the liver, because he had 
                             contracted hepatitis in the 
                             After recovering from the operation, Camilo Sesto 
                             compose again: there is the 
                             Duda song of love for the first album of David 
                             Bustamante. One of the issues 
                             Bustamante, who had sung for his participation in 
                             the Operation 
                             Triumph was sorry, Camilo.
                             Throw the album Alma, captivating audiences with 
                             the amazing song Mola 
                             mallet (colloquial Spanish expression meaning 
                             "It's great" or "I like 
                             much "), whom would it gain much popularity among 
                             younger audiences. In 
                             this disc includes his version of Duda de amor 
                             (item becomes number 1 
                             in several markets where it is published), a new 
                             version of its classic 
                             Wild strawberry, and the new hit My Blue Angel 
                             again place him as the first 
                             It conducts a tour of several Latin American 
                             countries: Chile, Peru, Colombia and 
                             Mexico, with full and total success in every one 
                             of its 
                             Participates in the second day of the "Festival de 
                             Viña del Mar". He runs his 
                             hits of yesterday and today, to the satisfaction 
                             of an audience completely delivered. 
                             His performance had better leave the stage with 
                             two torches (one silver and 
                             other gold) and "Gaviota de Plata" (it was given 
                             to half of the concert) 
                             and the satisfaction of having acted before an 
                             audience that after many 
                             years he remained unconditional.
                             In December of that same year he publishes a 
                             compilation called Camilo Sesto N º. 
                             1, with a huge bestseller. It, along with their 
                             greatest hits, see the light 
                             Nothing will happen and issues Who will, who had 
                             been censored in the first 
                             years of his career and unpublished until now, 
                             only two issues of at least one 
                             unpublished hundred have been transformed into 
                             real, unique and priceless 
                             cataloged collection pieces by collectors today as 
                             find. "
                             It reissued the album Jesus Christ Superstar, 
                             digitally remastered from 
                             the original recordings, to mark 30 years since 
                             the start 
                             scene in Madrid of the rock opera of the same 
                             name. The album includes pictures of the 
                             representation and the lyrics of the songs.
                             At the end of 2006 composed the Ode to Bujalance, 
                             initially dedicated to 
                             indoor football team, "Woods Miguel Pérez" 
                             Bujalance city, Cordoba 
                             (Spain). Camilo assigns all rights of the subject 
                             to his council, which 
                             the entire profit from the sale of the disc is 
                             intended to benefit the sport 
                             On 1 February, in the framework of the 
                             International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 
                             Commonwealth of the Upper Guadalquivir, which 
                             belongs to the people of 
                             Bujalance, Camilo Sesto appointing his "Cultural 
                             Ambassador". In this act is made 
                             delivered a plaque to mark such appointment, which 
                             "He appointed Mr Camilo Blanes Cortés, Camilo 
                             Sesto, Cultural Ambassador 
                             Comarca del Alto Guadalquivir, in recognition of 
                             extraordinary and 
                             selfless work it is doing in support of culture 
                             and sport 
                             the region of Alto Guadalquivir.
                             Camilo Sesto The year 2007 was chosen "the famous 
                             most famous Spanish 
                             history "by telephone voting in the Spanish 
                             program know what you did, 
                             leaving far behind others such as Julio Iglesias, 
                             Raphael, Miguel Bose and Nino 
                             Bravo, among many others.
                             He has taken up residence in the town of 
                             Torrelodones, Madrid (Spain). Although 
                             is not officially withdrawn from the proceedings, 
                             continues composing. His 
                             publicly known last song is titled On the one 
                             On April 30, began his tour "Camilo Pura Vida" 
                             with presentations 
                             Central America and parts of South America.
                             The first gig was at the Sports Palace in the 
                             province of 
                             Heredia, Costa Rica, which was a resounding 
                             success, as in Guatemala, Ecuador, 
                             Honduras and Chile, which have been rated as 
                             grandstanding and unforgettable.
                             The concert that took place in the arena of 
                             Santiago, Chile was one of the most 
                             emotional, as the Chilean public was one of the 
                             most pleasing of America 
                             South and the last of the first part of his tour.
                             In November 2008 he resumed his farewell tour with 
                             a concert series in 
                             Colombia, Pereira, Hernan Ramirez Villegas 
                             stadium, attended by 
                             nearly 20,000 people, Medellin, in the Plaza de 
                             Toros La Macarena, where 
                             Great personalities attended Colombian, Cali, in 
                             the popular Cañaveralejo; 
                             Bucaramanga, in the giant velodrome of the city on 
                             27 November, 
                             experienced the best concert in Bogotá, a true 
                             square bye with all the 
                             Great for the Ballad in the Coliseum El Campin in 
                             the Colombian capital, and 
                             finally Manizales, where postpone a long day left 
                             the show, rain. 
                             In total, some 80,000 people attended his 
                             Camilo Sesto arrived on 3 December to Guayaquil, 
                             Ecuador, from 
                             Colombia, where the city bought all the tickets a 
                             week before the 
                             concert. In his presentation on December 5, 
                             expressed feel cheated 
                             unfair by the actions of employers who fail in 
                             more than 80% 
                             the contract. Despite all the problems that 
                             happened, he kept his 
                             commitment to the public and sang at the concert.
                             This tour has made it clear that Camilo Sesto is 
                             one of the artists 
                             enshrined. The presentations of Peru and Panama 
                             have been canceled by 
                             some recruitment problems that are beyond the 
                             control of the artist, but 
                             for 2009 has promised his public goodbye to the 
                             Mexico and parts of Latin America that has lapsed 
                             also from his native Spain.
                             He confessed to the channel Caracol and RCN in 
                             Colombia, as well as various means of 
                             radio and newspapers in Latin America who plans to 
                             retire from the stage 
                             to engage in the production, composition and 
                             painting, one of his great 
                             passions of youth, which he said he left for 
                             3rd part of his farewell tour and is dedicated to 
                             the composition and painting
                             Discography [edit] 1971: Something of me 
                             1972: Only one man 
                             1973: Something else 
                             1974: Camilo 
                             1975: Amor libre 
                             1975: Jesus Christ Superstar 
                             1976: Memories 
                             1976: Look in the eye (unpublished until 1997) 
                             1977: Among Friends 
                             1977: Features 
                             1978: Feelings 
                             1979 hours love 
                             1980: Sunrise 
                             1981: More and more 
                             1982: Camilo (English) 
                             1982: Camilo in Italian and German (yet 
                             1982: Very personal 
                             1983: Eager 
                             1984: Amanecer/84 
                             1985: Yours 
                             1986: Agenda de baile 
                             1991: A will of heaven 
                             1992: Hurricane of Love 
                             1994: Amor sin vertigo 
                             1995: Serie 20 Éxitos 
                             1997: Camilo Superstar 
                             1998: Serie Platino 20 Exitos 
                             1999: The best of the best 
                             2000: The Phantom of the Opera (still unpublished) 
                             2002: Alma 
                             2004: Camilo Sesto No. 1 
                             2005: Jesus Christ Superstar (30th Anniversary 
                             2006: Camilo Sesto sings Bujalance 
                             [Edit] Official website of the CD / DVD Camilo 
                             Sesto No. 1  —Preceding unsigned comment added by talk) 21:21, 17 October 2009 (UTC) 

Most prominent male voice of Spanish pop musicEdit

I would like to ask to the line "most prominent male voice of Spanish pop music", as there are several singers in Spain than not are far more known than Camilo Sesto have ever been. Probably that title belongs to Julio Iglesias, who sold more than 250 millions of albums worldwide and is considered one of the male singers of all time , but not the best. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:38, 29 November 2010 (UTC)

I don't know who you might be, if you are young or whatever but Camilo Sesto has sold more than twice the albums than Julio Iglesias (in Spain), whom to me is just average compared to someone as talented as Camilo Sesto. There was a period in which Camilo took a very long break to dedicate his life to his family. During this time he lost contact with fans, there was relatively no publicity or fame during that time. He had spent an enormous amount to produce "Jesucristo Superstar" and perhaps decided to hold his massive surge of investing in publicity when his first son arrived. However, during the time of his "comeback" in 1991 with the song Amor Mío, ¿Qué Me Has Hecho? there was an immediate overhaul of his music, his albums, etc. I cannot remember any Spanish-speaking house I'd visit, where no Camilo Sesto's albums would be part of their music library. To this day, Camilo Sesto's songs are part of many romantic gatherings in Spanish speaking culture. If you ever mention the song "Perdoname" everyone knows how it goes. Not to mention there has been a lot of negative publicity due to a "farewell tour" titled "La Gira del Adiós" which was a "zoo", as it took Camilo by surprise; because according to him, he never made those connections and it was most certainly a hoax.
I personally never owned anything from Julio Iglesias, and I don't personally know anyone who has. The man knows how to reach far and wide, and can use his millions to buy a lot of fans (you know about him, that should say a lot), but I never really saw the greatness in him. There are a couple of good songs, that to me will only be considered "one hit wonders" but nothing that would drive me to buy one album. Better get a "various artists" collection to get a couple of his best hits to be honest (you probably wouldn't find Camilo Sesto's work in such compilations, he doesn't need to do that). In short, Camilo Sesto's fans know him well, and stand by him. Just 5 days ago I bought myself yet another one of his hits albums (he has so many) it's not just a surge, its just part of any traditional Spanish speaking household (in my opinion); and I don't even consider myself a "real" fan (I am only 37 and most people from his era are in their 50s and 60s). Pity this English article sucked so bad, but I was able to give it a huge makeover with plenty of citations. --Molokaicreeper (talk) 20:41, 27 September 2014 (UTC)

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Farewell tourEdit

This article looks like an advertising for Camilo Sesto's Farewell tour. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:59, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

The farewell tour of 2011 was a hoax. Camilo retired in 2010, to only come back on television for interviews and such. --Molokaicreeper (talk) 20:54, 27 September 2014 (UTC)

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