Swimming at the 2008 Summer Paralympics – Women's 100 metre freestyle S5

The women's 100m freestyle S5 event at the 2008 Summer Paralympics took place at the Beijing National Aquatics Center on 7 September. There were two heats; the swimmers with the eight fastest times advanced to the final.

Women's 100m Freestyle S5
at the XIII Paralympic Games
VenueBeijing National Aquatics Center
Dates7 September
Competitors12 from 10 nations
Winning time1:16.65
1st place, gold medalist(s) Maria Teresa Perales  Spain
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Inbal Pezaro  Israel
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Bela Hlavackova  Czech Republic



Competed from 09:52.

Heat 1Edit

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1 Olena Akopyan   Ukraine 1:21.43 Q
2 Bela Hlavackova   Czech Republic 1:22.24 Q
3 Mayumi Narita   Japan 1:27.53 Q
4 Yuka Kawamura   Japan 1:35.82 Q
5 Katalin Engelhardt   Hungary 1:42.71
6 Adri Visser   South Africa 1:49.61

Heat 2Edit

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1 Maria Teresa Perales   Spain 1:22.22 Q
2 Inbal Pezaro   Israel 1:22.89 Q
3 Goh Theresa   Singapore 1:33.20 Q
4 Sugako Takeuchi   Japan 1:39.92 Q
5 Genevieve Pairoux-Lagardere   France 1:42.80
6 Marin Morrison   United States 3:10.30


Competed at 18:17.

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
  Maria Teresa Perales   Spain 1:16.65 WR
  Inbal Pezaro   Israel 1:21.57
  Bela Hlavackova   Czech Republic 1:22.20
4 Olena Akopyan   Ukraine 1:22.84
5 Mayumi Narita   Japan 1:27.90
6 Goh Theresa   Singapore 1:32.92
7 Yuka Kawamura   Japan 1:35.72
8 Sugako Takeuchi   Japan 1:38.21

Q = qualified for final. WR = World Record.