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Svojkovice (German: Swojkowitz) is a village in the Rokycany District of the Plzeň Region of Western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It is situated 4 km northeast of the town of Rokycany, 394 m. above sea-level. Svojkovice lies on the Borecký potok Stream (also known as the Holoubkovský potok Stream). To the east and south of Svojkovice there are extensive forested areas with elevations of Žďár (629 m.) to the south and Vydřiduch (513 m.) to the east. Another smaller forest called Boreček appears west of Svojkovice. The village lies on the old Prague-Plzeň road with most of the houses located in proximity to the road. Another part of the settlement rose south of the Borecký potok Stream along the Prague-Plzeň railway which opened in 1862. In 1993 the D5 motorway Prague-Plzeň-Rozvadov opened. The highway runs along Svojkovice's northern periphery. It replaced the old road.

Svojkovice, train station
Svojkovice, train station
Location in Rokycany District
Location in Rokycany District
Svojkovice is located in Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Coordinates: 49°45′43″N 13°39′03″E / 49.76194°N 13.65083°E / 49.76194; 13.65083Coordinates: 49°45′43″N 13°39′03″E / 49.76194°N 13.65083°E / 49.76194; 13.65083
Country Czech Republic
 • Total5.77 km2 (2.23 sq mi)
394 m (1,293 ft)
 • Total379
 • Density66/km2 (170/sq mi)
Postal code
338 22


Svojkovice was mentioned for the first time in 1379. Historically it used to be called "Svejkovice". Development of the village was spurred by its location on the main road connecting the capital of Bohemia (Prague) with Plzeň and Bavaria, though occasionally this location proved inconvenient, especially in times of wars and military campaigns. Thirty Years' War left Svojkovice completely depopulated. Only by 1712 the village is reported to be settled again. The community was however relatively small and until 1886 it was not administratively independent. In the year 1886 school opened too in Svojkovice too. Life of the village was abruptly afflicted by fire in May 1901 with 16 houses completely destroyed and 2 damaged. By the end of the year the damages were repaired. In 1924 name of the village was officially changed to Svojkovice. In 1923 Svojkovice train station opened. In 1925 Svojkovice inaugurated its cemetery built west of the village in cooperation with neighboring village of Borek. In May 1945 Svojkovice was liberated by the Soviet army. In 1959 a public swimming pool opened. In 1960 Svojkovice along with Hůrky were merged with the village of Volduchy; in 1970, however, Svojkovice separated. But in 1980 the village lost its administrative independence, again being merged with Rokycany. Finally in 1990 Svojkovice regained its self-administration.[1]


Svojkovice has traditionally been an ethnically Czech settlement. The village underwent some population growth in the late 19th and early 20th century but in recent decades the number of inhabitants has stagnated.

Year 1900 1930 1946 1961 1970 1980 1991 2001 2007
Population 384 365 306 336 299 344 342 369 369