The Spinoza Prize (Dutch: Spinozapremie) is an annual award of 1.5 million euro prize money, to be spent on new research given by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The award is the highest scientific award in the Netherlands. It is named after the philosopher Baruch de Spinoza.[1]

2017 Prize Ceremony
Spinoza Prize winners 2006: Jan Zaanen, Ben Scheres, Jozien Bensing and Carl Figdor. On the right is NWO-director Peter Nijkamp

The prize is awarded to researchers in the Netherlands who belong to the best in their field.[2] Academics can nominate each other and an international commission evaluates the submissions. It is sometimes referred to as the Dutch Nobel Prize.[2]

List of winners


The following persons have received the Spinoza Prize:[3]


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