Southern Liang (Sixteen Kingdoms)

The Southern Liang (Chinese: 南涼; pinyin: Nán Liáng; 397–404, 408–414) was a dynastic state of China listed as one of the Sixteen Kingdoms in Chinese historiography. Members of the ruling Tufa clan were of Xianbei ethnicity and distant relatives of the Tuoba imperial house of the Northern Wei dynasty. According to the Book of Jin, the surname of the ruling house was changed from Tuoba to Tufa because one of the Tufa ancestors was born on a blanket, and in the Xianbei language, "Tufa" meant "blanket."[1]

Southern Liang (南涼)
西平 (397),
武威 (397–401),
河西 (401–404),
  • 397–404, 408–414
StatusVassal of Later Qin
CapitalLianchuan (397–399)
Ledu (399, 402–406, 410–414)
Xiping (399–402)
Guzang (406–410)
• 397–399
Tufa Wugu
• 399–402
Tufa Lilugu
• 402–414
Tufa Nutan
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Later Liang (Sixteen Kingdoms)
Western Qin
Northern Liang
Today part ofChina

All rulers of the Southern Liang proclaimed themselves wang (king).

In 414 Southern Liang was conquered by the Xianbei-led Western Qin dynasty.

Rulers of the Southern Liang edit

Temple name Posthumous name Personal name Durations of reign Era names
Liezu Wu Tufa Wugu 397–399 Taichu (太初) 397–399
Kang Tufa Lilugu 399–402 Jianhe (建和) 399–402
Jing Tufa Nutan 402–414 Hongchang (弘昌) 402–404
Jiaping (嘉平) 409–414

The family tree of Southern Liang rulers edit

Southern Liang
Tufa Sifujian
Tufa Wugu
禿髮烏孤 d. 399
r. 397–399
Tufa Lilugu
禿髮利鹿孤 d. 402

r. 399–402
Tufa Rutan
禿髮傉檀 365–415
r. 402–414
Princess Zhejue
Qifu Chipan
of (Western) Qin
r. 412–428
Princess Tufa
d. 423
Yuan He 源賀
b. 403–d. 479

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