Sita (2019 film)

Sita is an 2019 Telugu-language romantic comedy film directed by Teja and produced by Sunkara Ramabrahmam. This movie was dubbed into Tamil as "It's My Life". The film stars Kajal Aggarwal as the titular character along with Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Sonu Sood.[1][2] The music was composed by Anoop Rubens with cinematography by Sirsha Ray and editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. The film was released on 24 May 2019 to mixed reviews and had an average run in the box office. It is loosely based on the movie Rain Man.

Sita 2019 film poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byTeja
Produced bySunkara Ramabrahmam
Screenplay byParuchuri Gopala Krishna
Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao
StarringKajal Aggarwal
Bellamkonda Sreenivas
Sonu Sood
Music byAnoop Rubens
CinematographySirsha Ray
Edited byKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Ariel Studios
Release date
  • 24 May 2019 (2019-05-24)
Running time
162 minutes


A four-year-old boy named Raghuram is left in a monastery by a person named Anand Mohan and is promised that Sita will come to take care of him. He makes Ram promise that he too will take care of Sita in return.

Years later, V. Sita Mahalakshmi is an egoistic, manipulative, and arrogant businesswoman who manipulates people for the sake of business and money. One day, she meets MLA Basavaraju to help her in evacuating a slum from the land she purchased to build a mall. In return, Basava asks Sita to marry him (though he is already married), which she declines. Basava then asks her to be in a live-in relationship for a month, to which she agrees and signs the agreement. After the slum is removed from the land, Sita parties with her staff, where Basava comes to her asking her to honor the promise. However, Sita denies the promise. Irritated by her behavior, Basava starts putting business pressure on Sita by bribing or intimidating the officers into stopping the mall she is working on and threatens the man who gave five crores to Sita for her business development to make Sita repay the amount immediately.

During this time, Sita comes to know that her father has passed away, and is happy because she can inherit 5000 crores worth of property owned by her father to pay off the loan. The lawyer reveals that Sita's father left only a mangalsutra in her name, and she is shocked upon knowing that the property is transferred to a person named Ram, who stays in Bhutan. With her friend Chakram and PA Rupa, Sita immediately travels to Bhutan and meets Ram, who is eagerly waiting to meet her. Ram is very innocent and always remembers the promise that he made to his uncle that he must take care of Sita, and Sita will take care of him. He is a kid at heart and always wears two watches in which one shows his heartbeat, wanting everything to be as per the timing. Sita threatens Ram to give her property back, and in a helpless situation, she asks Ram to come with her without informing in the monastery.

A series of funny incidents take place where Ram tries to be honest, which irritates Sita. The police, arranged by Basava, try to arrest Sita in the name of forgery, but she keeps escaping from them with Ram, Chakram, and Rupa. Sita asks Ram to sign the property papers so that the property will be legally accepted by Ram, and then she can ask him to put it back in her name. Sita asks Ram to marry her but asks Rupa to give her a fake call, which she uses to create a scene in front of Ram that police are looking for her. Ram signs the papers immediately to save Sita, and she leaves him in the temple and rushes to the bank to get the amount withdrawn, planning to leave Ram behind. However, the bank cannot authorize the transfer without Sita providing legal proof that Ram is her husband. The police find and try to put Sita in jail, but Ram saves her again.

Later, she reaches the court with the help of Ram, Chakram, Rupa, and some localities to acquire bail. After receiving bail, her father's friend and a legal advisor to the family explains to Sita that her mother refused to give her jewelry for mortgage to her father, who wanted to start a business. Her father's sister (Ram's mother) then gave her jewelry, including her mangalsutra, to her brother. When Ram's parents die in an accident, Anand brings Ram into his home, and during this time, his business takes off. When Anand's wife buys lavish jewelry for herself and for Sita, Anand yells at her, saying that the business started because of his sister's financial support. Thus, the property rights belong to Ram. Anand reveals that Sita can wear the jewelry as she is Ram's wife. This outrages Anand's wife, and she starts abusing Ram. Anand then leaves Ram in the monastery to protect him. Hearing this, Sita says that she will repay the jewels given by Ram's mother as a loan. In mean time, Basava's men attack Ram. Sita tries to save him but gets beaten by a goon. Ram fights with all the goons, but Basava shoots him, saying that if Sita needs Ram, then she must surrender to him.

Sita eventually agrees to Basava's terms, and when seeing her crying, Ram wakes up and fights with Basava, who shoots him. Sita and Ram manage to escape and while Sita is taking Ram to the hospital, he requests her to take him to the bank so that he can sign the property papers before he dies. However, Sita finally declares that she needs him and not the property. Basava attacks the car and they are both injured. The monk in the monastery sends one of his disciples to safeguard Ram, and he arrives on time with the ambulance.

Two weeks later, Sita regains consciousness and rushes to see Ram. The monk lies that Ram has died in the accident and scolds Sita over how she treated Ram. Sita tearfully leaves the monastery, remorseful that she is the one who killed Ram. Ram comes to his room in the monastery and then senses that Sita has come and rushes to see her. Sita also senses that the monk lied to her as no one in the monastery is aware of the incidents that happened in Hyderabad. Later, she reconciles with Ram, and he marries her. Basava gets shot by his wife, and the movie ends with Sita distributing the house papers back to the people of the slum, along with Ram.



Soundtrack album by
Released19 May 2019 (2019-05-19)
StudioHarmony Studio
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelT-Series Telugu
ProducerAnup Rubens
Anup Rubens chronology
Seetharama Kalyana
Hero Heroine
External audio
  Audio Jukebox on YouTube

The soundtrack was composed by Anup Rubens and lyrics by Lakshmi Bhupala, Ramajogayya Sastry, and Surendra Krishna.

Track list
1."Bull Reddy"Uma Neha, Teja, Santhoshq3:56
2."Rola Rola"Paroma Dasgupta4:01
3."Koyilamma"Armaan Malik4:19
4."Nijamena"Anurag Kulkarni3:04
5."Evaradi Evaradi"Haricharan2:10
Total length:17:30

Critical receptionEdit

Neeshita Nyayapati of The Times of India gave 2.5 out of 5 starts stating, "A tale of two misfits gone wrong!" [3]


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