Shaw Boulevard

Shaw Boulevard (formerly known as Jose Rizal Boulevard or commonly known as Crossing) is a 4-8 lane highway connecting the cities of Mandaluyong and Pasig in the Philippines. The boulevard is named after William James Shaw, the founder of the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong City. The road is one of the major thoroughfares of the Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong and Pasig, housing many shopping malls like the Starmall shopping center and the posh Shangri-La Plaza at the EDSA-Shaw intersection and The Marketplace at the Kalentong-Shaw intersection. [1][2]

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Shaw Boulevard
Jose Rizal Boulevard
Route information
Length5.2 km (3.2 mi)
Major junctions
West endPadre Sanchez Bridge in Manila
 General Kalentong Street
Tomas Claudio Boulevard
Acacia Lane
F. Martinez Street
Luna Mencias Street
San Miguel Avenue
Pioneer Street
Meralco Avenue
East endPasig Boulevard in Pasig
Major citiesManila, Mandaluyong, Pasig
Highway system
  • Roads in the Philippines

It is served by the Shaw Boulevard Station of the MRT-3 along EDSA, often called EDSA-Crossing. The entirety of the road is served by jeepney routes that go to and from Quiapo, Sta. Mesa, the Jose Rizal University, EDSA, the Pasig Public Market and Binangonan, Rizal.

Route descriptionEdit

Shaw Boulevard, looking east from the crossing flyover

Shaw Boulevard starts as a four-lane road at an intersection past Kalentong Street. It follows a slightly curved route over Mandaluyong before crossing EDSA. The road expands into four lanes per direction, with two lanes going to the flyover, and two lanes passing below. The flyover carries the road over Shaw Boulevard MRT Station and descends near EDSA Shangri-la. The road becomes a dual six-lane carriageway east of EDSA, and soon enters Pasig. Shaw Boulevard eventually is reduced to a four-lane road and extends to C-5 as Pasig Boulevard.


Shopping CentersEdit

  • Ortigas Center
  • SM Cherry Shaw Branch
  • S&R Membership Shopping Shaw Branch
  • 500 Shaw Zentrum
    • Super8 Grocery Warehouse Shaw Branch
  • Puregold Shaw Branch
  • Shaw Center Mall
    • Metro Supermarket Shaw Center Branch
  • SM Hypermart Mandaluyong Branch
  • The Marketplace Shopping Mall



Jeepney / UV ExpressEdit

  • Parklea Jeepney Terminal
  • Starmall Jeepney Terminal
  • Starmall UV Express Terminal



Mandaluyong  N141 (P. Sanchez Street)Western terminus. Road continues to Manila as P. Sanchez Street.
Haig StreetWestbound only.
General Kalentong StreetTraffic light intersection. Leads to San Juan to the northeast and Santa Ana, Manila to the southwest.
J. Tiosejo StreetOne-way road.
F. Bernardo StreetOne-way road.
E. Magalona Street, V. Fabella StreetOne-way roads.
A.V. Fabella Street
Lawson Street
San Clemente Street
J.B. Vargas Street
E. Jacinto Street
Pinagtipunan Street
J. Luna Street
29 de Agosto Street
L. Gonzales Street, M. Yulo Street
L. Cruz Street
Araullo StreetProvides access to San Juan.
R. Vicencio Street, Guerrero Street
A. Bonifacio Street
Acacia RoadTraffic light intersection. Part of Mabuhay Lane Route 1.
Gomezville Street, 9 de Febrero StreetTraffic light intersection. Northbound goes to San Juan; Southbound goes to Maysilo Circle and Poblacion, Makati via Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge.
Balagtas StreetOne-way road.
Luna Mencias StreetProvides access to San Juan. Part of Mabuhay Lane Route 1 and 4.
Torres Street, Jaime Cardinal Sin StreetThe southbound direction goes towards Nueve de Pebrero as Jaime Cardinal Sin Street, a two-way road. The northbound direction goes towards Araullo Street as the one-way Torres Street.
Calderon Street
Pilar StreetOne way road towards Shaw Boulevard from San Juan.
A. Mabini StreetOne way road from Shaw Boulevard. Provides access to San Juan. Part of Mabuhay Lane Route 7.
Ideal Street
S. Laurel StreetOne way road towards Shaw Boulevard.
Lee Street, Old Wack Wack RoadFuture traffic light intersection. One way road crossing Shaw Boulevard. The road branches off northwest as Lee Street towards residential areas until it merges with Calderon Street. Old Wack Wack Road continues northeast as a two-way road towards the Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club and the Wack-Wack subdivision.
Princeton Street
Samat StreetLast intersection on the eastbound direction before the EDSA flyover.
Stanford StreetAccess to/from Shaw Blvd sealed off.
West end of EDSA-Shaw Flyover
Yale StreetWestbound service road only. Access to/from Shaw Blvd sealed off.
Harvard StreetWestbound service road only.
   N1 / AH26 (EDSA)Traffic light intersection. Northbound goes to Ortigas Center and Cubao; southbound goes to Makati.
Sto. Cristo StreetEastbound service road only. One-way road.
Mayflower StreetEastbound service road only. Provides access to Greenfield District. Last intersection on the westbound direction before the EDSA flyover.
East end of EDSA-Shaw Flyover
St. Francis StreetWestbound direction only. Provides access to Ortigas Center.
Sheridan Street, San Miguel AvenueTraffic light intersection. Northbound goes to Ortigas Center, southbound goes to Greenfield District.
PasigEscriva DriveWestbound only. Provides access to Ortigas Center.
Pioneer Street, General Roxas StreetTraffic light intersection.
Meralco AvenueTraffic light intersection. Provides access to Capitol Commons and Ortigas Avenue.
Camino Verde RoadWestbound only. Capitol Commons internal road.
West Capitol DriveEastbound only. Provides access to the Kapitolyo district in Pasig City.
Oranbo DriveWestbound only.
San Roque Street, Canley Road (Danny Floro Street)Traffic light intersection.
Hillcrest DriveNot accessible to vehicles coming from Shaw Blvd.
  N141 (Pasig Boulevard)Eastern terminus. Road continues as Pasig Boulevard.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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Coordinates: 14°35′7″N 121°2′54″E / 14.58528°N 121.04833°E / 14.58528; 121.04833