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Shara'b As Salam District (Arabic: مديرية شرعب السلام‎) is a district of the Taiz Governorate, Yemen. In 2003, the district had a population of 146,650.[1]

Shara'b As Salam District

مديرية شرعب السلام
A view of Shara'b As Salam from Malat mount shows ‘Unshūq village
A view of Shara'b As Salam from Malat mount shows ‘Unshūq village
Country Yemen
 • Total210.1 km2 (81.1 sq mi)
 • Total124,339.3
 • Density591.8/km2 (1,533/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (Yemen Standard Time)



Shara'b As Salam is part of the Shara'b Mikhlaf that includes both Shar'ab As Salam and Shara'b Ar Rawnah.[2] The Mikhlaf was founded by the tribe of Banu Shar‘ab which is a tribe from Himyar.[3] According to al-Hamdani and Nashwan al-Himyari, it is descended from Shar'ab Ibn Sahl Ibn Zaid Ibn 'Amru Ibn Qais Ibn Jusham Ibn Abd Shams Ibn Wail Ibn al-Ghwth Ibn Qotn Ibn 'Aurib Ibn Zuhir Ibn Aiman Ibn Homisa' Ibn Himyar. Ibn al-Kalbi and Ibn Khaldun say Shar'ab Ibn Qais without "Sahl Ibn Zaid Ibn ‘Amru". According to Ibn Sidah the word Sharoob (Arabic: شرعوب‎) means dates in classical Arabic and Shar'ab means a tall person with a well shaped body. The Sharabi spears (Arabic: الرماح الشرعبية‎) and a cloak called al-Shar'abiah (Arabic: الشرعبية‎) are attributed to the tribe of Shara'b.[4][5]


Shara'b was one of the most controversial regions in Yemen. The people of Shara'b were known for being rebellious and troublemakers. Thus, the government treated the people of Shara'b poorly and didn't provide them water facilities. It is reported that the Imam of Yemen, Ahmad Hamidaddin once said: "If Shara'b was in the borders I would have sold it".[6][7]

After the 26 September Revolution, the new rulers of Yemen decided to divide Shara'b into two districts so it can be easily controlled. Shara'b was divided into "East Shara'b" with As-Salam region as its center, "West Shara'b" with Ar-Ronah region as its center.[7] The government didn't make any strategic or vital roads in Shara'b.[6] The government also created a pro-government small division in Shara'b called al-Mikhlaf that served as a barrier between Shara'b and the city of Taiz. The division of Shara'b created a political polarization between Shara'b As Salam (East Shara'b) and Shara'b Ar Rawnah (West Shara'b). Shara'b As Salam became leftist communist while Shara'b Ar Rawnah was supporting the al-Islah party in Yemen which is a Yemeni Salafi party.[6] A war later occurred called Harb al-Jabhah between Shara'b As Salam in one side and Shara'b Ar Rawnah with the government in the other side. The war was part of NDF Rebellion. Muammar Al Gathafi supported Shara'b As Salam and gave them land mines. The mines were planted in many places in Shara'b. The war ended after 4 years. The government won and took control of Shara'b As Salam.[6]


A map shows districts of Taiz

Shar'ab As Salam is located in the north of Taiz government and to north west of Taiz city. It is bordered by Ibb to the north, At Ta'iziyah district and Shar'ab Ar Rawnah district to the south, Mudhaykhirah district and At Ta'iziyah district to the east, Shar'ab Ar Rawnah to the west.[8]

'Uzaal and villages of Shar'ab As SalamEdit

Rural districts in Yemen are divided into 'Uzaal while Uzaal are divided into villages. There are eighteen Uzaal in Shar'ab As Salam.[9]

'Uzlat al-Qufa'ahEdit

  • al-'Sa'adah village.
  • al-Aizfar village.
  • al-Shajaruh village.
  • al-Hamri village.
  • al-Mahalu village.
  • al-Saqadiu village.
  • al-Jibal village.

'Uzlat AqyusEdit

  • Thuluth al-Aqyus (third of Al-aqyus) village.
  • Thuluthan (two third) village.

'Uzlat al-AhjurEdit

  • al-Rahbuh village.
  • al-Mashaqib village.
  • Shajjaf village.
  • al-Ribat village.
  • Al-Kidah village.
  • al-Hida village.
  • al-Wadi village.
  • al-Dawamiu village.
  • al-Wa'shah village.
  • al-Qahaf Al-adyabe village.

'Uzlat al-TibhahEdit

  • al-Mhazalin village.
  • al-Madahif village.
  • al-Qal'ah village.
  • al-Ma'atibah village.
  • al-Tibhah village.

'Uzlat AshmusEdit

  • Ashmus village.

'Uzlat Bani 'AwnEdit

  • Al-watia Al-kariba
  • Qa'dar *Al-mathirah
  • Al-hayja village.
  • Al-qarf village.
  • Al-hajifuh village.
  • Al-hawabis village.
  • Al-kharayib village.
  • kawayakban village.
  • Al-karba village.

'Uzlat Ayfue 'Aelaa(upper Ayfue)Edit

  • Al-haql Al'alaa village.
  • Di Malih village.
  • Al-muhabil village.
  • Al-ma'ar village.
  • Mushimah village.
  • Al-duwaf village.
  • Ma'ayin village.
  • Darab village.
  • Al-kabab village.

'Uzlat al-AmjudEdit

  • Wadiha Al-suflaa(lower Wadiha) village.
  • Al-jabiruh village.
  • Wadiha Al-'ulya(upper Wadiha) village.
  • Bani Abdallah al-Suflaa(lower Bani Abdallah) village.
  • Al-a'ruq village.
  • Al-afrad village.
  • Bani Qasim village.
  • Al-madaqah village.
  • Tabasha' village.
  • Bani Salah village.
  • Al-sana' village.
  • Bani Abdallah Al-'ulya(upper Bani Abdullah) village.
  • Nsf Bani Almujidi village.

'Uzlat Bani Saba'Edit

  • Al-lawiah Al-suflaa(lower Al-lawiah) village.
  • Al-lawiah Al'ulya(upper Al-lawiah) village.

'Uzlat Ayfue 'asfal(lower Ayfue)Edit

  • Khabah village.
  • Al-qabul village.
  • Al-sana'at village.
  • Musar'a village.
  • Shaqahah village.
  • Bani 'Ubayd village.
  • Wadi Kahaal village.
  • Al-haql al-asfal village.
  • Al-riysiu village.

'Uzlat al-AkrufEdit

  • Al-zahira village.
  • Al-muasis village.
  • Wadi Al-hajar village.
  • Al-quruduhah village.
  • Al-mudawrah village.

'Uzlat Bani Sha'abEdit

'Uzlat al-'AsilahEdit

  • al-Kibash village.
  • Dufan village.
  • Unshuq village.
  • al-Shuraf village.
  • Ḥubol village.

'Uzlat Bani BahiyrEdit

  • al-Masa'ad village.
  • al-'Uqab village.

'Uzlat Bani WahbanEdit

  • al-Shal village.
  • al-Sanab village.
  • Khasha' village.
  • Wadi Hizam village.
  • al-Suhilah village.
  • Hijajuh village.
  • al-Wariduh village.
  • Qayd village.
  • al-Badirah village.
  • Al-Mihdadah village.
  • Qardan village.
  • al-Saa'id village.

'Uzlat al-ShurifEdit

  • 'Adan Atarus village.
  • Akmah Hassan village.
  • Al-'aqibah village.
  • Al-himsi village.
  • Al-jabib village.
  • Bani Kamal village.
  • Ala'iwar village.
  • Al-shasirah village.
  • Al-maqadimah village.
  • Al-daminah village.
  • Al-kabsah village.
  • Jahranuh village.
  • Alziyla village.
  • Bani 'Alwaan village.

'Uzlat 'AzbanEdit

  • Alshueubah
  • Al-wadi Al-asfal village.
  • Al-wadi Al-aeli village.
  • Al-zahruh village.

'Uzlat al-ZawhahEdit

  • Al-najdayn village.
  • Al-maklub village.
  • Al-'aradah village.
  • Al-muqibirah village.
  • Al-najd village.
  • Al-qatieuh village.
  • Al-ziyluh village.

Shara'bi JewsEdit

There was a large Jewish community in Shara'b As Salam. The community is believed to have existed in Yemen as early as circa 130 CE until its demise around 1940. Shara'b As Salam was considered one of the most illustrious places of Jewish settlement in Yemen. Many distinguished Jewish personalities were born there, including the rabbis Shalom Sharabi, Mordechai Sharabi and Shalom Shabazi. It was an important place of Torah learning, and home to many Yeshivot and schools. It had a population of over 10,000 Jews and was a major industrial centre of Yemen, where goldsmiths' work, weaving, commerce, silk trading and shoemaking were the main industries of the day. The Sharabi Jews have a slightly different pronunciation than most other Yemenite Jews.


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Coordinates: 13°46′59″N 43°53′09″E / 13.7831°N 43.8858°E / 13.7831; 43.8858