List of districts of Yemen

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The governorates of Yemen are divided into 333 districts (as of 2019) (Arabic: مديريات mudīriyyā). The districts are subdivided into 2,210 Uzaal (sub-districts), and then into 38,284 villages (as of 2001). The districts are listed below, by governorate:

Districts of Yemen

'Aden GovernorateEdit

'Amran GovernorateEdit

Abyan GovernorateEdit

Ad Dali' GovernorateEdit

Al Bayda' GovernorateEdit

Al Hudaydah GovernorateEdit

Al Jawf GovernorateEdit

Al Mahrah GovernorateEdit

Al Mahwit GovernorateEdit

Amanat Al Asimah GovernorateEdit

Dhamar GovernorateEdit

Hadhramaut GovernorateEdit

Hajjah GovernorateEdit

Ibb GovernorateEdit

Lahij GovernorateEdit

Ma'rib GovernorateEdit

Raymah GovernorateEdit

Sa'dah GovernorateEdit

Sana'a GovernorateEdit

Shabwah GovernorateEdit

Socotra GovernorateEdit

Ta'izz GovernorateEdit

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