Running Shaadi

Running Shaadi (transl. 'Running wedding'), previously known as:,[1] is an Indian romantic comedy film produced by Shoojit Sircar and Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures about the unique concept of helping people elope to get married. The unlikely duo of a conscientious Bihari and a Sardarji geek create a platform providing "High Take Social Service" to Indian couples who want to spend their lives with their soulmates.The film was shot in late 2013. The film was released on 17 February 2017.[2][3]

Running Shaadi
Running Shaadi.jpg
Directed byAmit Roy
Produced byShoojit Sircar
Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures
Written byNavjot Gulati & Amit Roy
StarringAmit Sadh
Taapsee Pannu
Arsh Bajwa
Richa Meena
Abhishek Sharma
Music byAnupam Roy
Sanjeev Chimmalgi
CinematographyAnas Ali Khan
Edited byNipun Gupta
Release date
  • 17 February 2017 (2017-02-17)
Running time
114 minutes

The Shoojit Sircar production stars Amit Sadh, Taapsee Pannu and Arsh Bajwa. It was released in over 1,100 screens with music from an assembled list of performers.[4]


The story revolves around three characters — Ram Bharose, Sarabjeet, and Nimmi. Nimmi is the daughter of a bridal shop owner. Bharose works in a shop named 'Singh & Singh' and his friend Sarabjeet (aka Cyberjeet) dreams of creating another Facebook. A flashback to their school days shows Nimmi getting pregnant by an acquaintance, and she ends up asking her close friend Bharose for help. Cyberjeet helps her by creating a fake school application for a sports tournament which Nimmi uses as an excuse to go out of the town for a night. Then Bharose poses as her husband and helps Nimmi to get an abortion.

Time passes by and Bharose loses his job at Singh's shop due to a disagreement with him. During this time Bharose's uncle has set Bharose's marriage with his friend's daughter, Neha.

One evening Bharose and Cyberjeet are having tea at a stall where they witness a man being beaten up for eloping with his girlfriend. Upon witnessing this incident, Bharose and Cyberjeet brainstorm a website which will help needy couples to elope.

They successfully help 49 couples to elope and wait to help the 50th couple as their platinum achievement. Nimmi drops by and says that the doctor who had performed her abortion had visited her father's shop. Her father finds out about the abortion and he decides to fix her marriage. She says that she needs Bharose's help in eloping with her friend Shunty who had gotten her pregnant.

Bharose decides to help Nimmi and plans her elopement even after repeated warnings from Cyberjeet. After everything goes according to their plan, Nimmi informs Bharose that she planned to run away with Bharose and not Shunty. She admits to lying and blames Bharose for ignoring her repeatedly.

Bharose now completely shocked asks Nimmi to return home. She says that she has already written a letter addressing her parents and they must be looking for her. They end up at Nimmi's aunt's house, but Nimmi's family finds her there and begin shooting at her. Nimmi gets hurt in this episode and Bharose brings her to a hospital. After that they travel to Dalhousie, but her family reaches this place while looking for her when Nimmi posts her location online.

They plan to go to Patna where Bharose's uncle lives. Bharose meets his to-be-bride, Neha, in Patna. She reveals to him that she has a boyfriend and wishes to marry him but her father is against their marriage. Bharose and team find an opportunity. They convince Neha and her boyfriend to comply with their plan to get hitched.

Finally Neha's marriage day arrives. However, Neha's boyfriend and Cyberjeet end up at a police station. Nimmi tries to help Neha run away, but Neha's family finds her and brings her back to the mandap. Bharose goes to the bathroom and finds a man whom he had helped to elope. This man helps him with Neha's elopement.

In the end, Bharose gets tired of running along with Nimmi and he decides to confront her family and get married with their consent.


  • Amit Sadh as Ram Bharose: A matric-fail migrant Bharose used to work at Singh 'n' Singh bridals as the owner's right-hand man. Being close to the family, he becomes a confidant to the owner's daughter Nimmi. Although he is illiterate, he is very smart and business minded. His background makes his character comic. He is a dependable yet impulsive lad, who despite facing rejections from his love has the desire and conviction to be with her, though he remains confused by her behaviour.
  • Taapsee Pannu as Nimmi: A loud-spoken, typical Punjabi girl, who lives on her own terms. She wants to enjoy her life without boundaries. She continuously has her share of squabbles with Cyberjeet. She finds herself asking Bharose for favours as she finds him to be a very dependable guy. Her character is that of Amritsar's Patakha Queen.
  • Arsh Bajwa as Sarabjeet Sidhana ('Cyberjeet'): A teenage whiz kid, who idolises Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. His life revolves around his computer and his idols. He is a street-smart computer geek who, with the help of his friend Bharose, creates a one-of-its-kind portal. Being a good friend, he is very protective of Bharose and stands with him through thick and thin.
  • Shikha Malhotra as Arshi: Nimmi's best Friend.


The music of Shoojit Sircar's films has always received high critical and commercial success. His film Vicky Donor was commercially successful, and its audio was hugely popular. The music of his films Madras Cafe and Piku is very unconventional as well.

The music from Running Shaadi has been created by an assembled team taking the feel of mixed cult. The music is by Anupam Roy, Abhishek-Akshay and Zeb and features the voices of singers like Bappi Lahiri,[5] Papon, & Labh Janjua. The full movie soundtrack[6][7] released on 27 January consists of seven songs. The music rights are bought by Times Music.[8]

Track listing
1."Pyar Ka Test"Manoj YadavAbhishek-AkshayBappi Lahiri & Kalpana Patowary3:18
2."Mannerless Majnu"Manoj YadavSanjeev ChimmalgiSukanya Purkayastha4:06
3."Dimpi De Naal Bhaage Bunty"ShelleeAbhishek-AkshayLabh Janjua3:36
4."Bhaag Milky Bhaag"Keegan Pinto, Sonal SehgalKeegan PintoSanam Puri & Sonu Kakkar4:51
5."Faraar"Keegan PintoKeegan PintoJubin Nautiyal5:58
6."Main Faraar Sa"Tanveer GhaziAnupam RoyAnupam Roy & Hamsika Iyer5:01
7."Kuch To Hai"Anas Ali KhanAnjana Ankur Singh & Sandeep MadhavanJubin Nautiyal3:41


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