Rowing at the 1932 Summer Olympics

Rowing at the 1932 Summer Olympics featured seven events. The competitions were held from August 9 to August 13 at the Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California.[1]

at the Games of the X Olympiad
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VenueMarine Stadium, Long Beach, California
DatesAugust 9–13
Competitors152 from 13 nations
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Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
single sculls
  Bobby Pearce (AUS)   William Miller (USA)   Guillermo Douglas (URU)
double sculls
  Ken Myers
and William Gilmore (USA)
  Herbert Buhtz
and Gerhard Boetzelen (GER)
  Charles Pratt
and Noël de Mille (CAN)
coxless pair
  Lewis Clive
and Hugh Edwards (GBR)
  Cyril Stiles
and Rangi Thompson (NZL)
  Henryk Budziński
and Jan Mikołajczak (POL)
coxed pair
  United States (USA)
Joseph Schauers
Charles Kieffer
Edward Jennings
  Poland (POL)
Jerzy Braun
Janusz Ślązak
Jerzy Skolimowski
  France (FRA)
Anselme Brusa
André Giriat
Pierre Brunet
coxless four
  Great Britain (GBR)
John Badcock
Hugh Edwards
Jack Beresford
Rowland George
  Germany (GER)
Karl Aletter
Ernst Gaber
Walter Flinsch
Hans Maier
  Italy (ITA)
Antonio Ghiardello
Francesco Cossu
Giliante D'Este
Antonio Garzoni Provenzani
coxed four
  Germany (GER)
Hans Eller
Horst Hoeck
Walter Meyer
Joachim Spremberg
Carlheinz Neumann
  Italy (ITA)
Bruno Vattovaz
Giovanni Plazzer
Riccardo Divora
Bruno Parovel
Giovanni Scher
  Poland (POL)
Jerzy Braun
Janusz Ślązak
Stanisław Urban
Edward Kobyliński
Jerzy Skolimowski
  United States (USA)
Edwin Salisbury
James Blair
Duncan Gregg
David Dunlap
Burton Jastram
Charles Chandler
Harold Tower
Winslow Hall
Norris Graham
  Italy (ITA)
Vittorio Cioni
Mario Balleri
Renato Bracci
Dino Barsotti
Roberto Vestrini
Guglielmo Del Bimbo
Enrico Garzelli
Renato Barbieri
Cesare Milani
  Canada (CAN)
Earl Eastwood
Joseph Harris
Stanley Stanyar
Harry Fry
Cedric Liddell
William Thoburn
Don Boal
Albert Taylor
Les MacDonald

Participating nationsEdit

A group photo of all rowing teams competing at the 1932 Summer Olympics.

A total of 152 rowers from 13 nations competed at the Los Angeles Games:

Medal tableEdit

1  United States (USA)3104
2  Great Britain (GBR)2002
3  Germany (GER)1203
4  Australia (AUS)1001
5  Italy (ITA)0213
6  Poland (POL)0123
7  New Zealand (NZL)0101
8  Canada (CAN)0022
9  France (FRA)0011
  Uruguay (URU)0011
Totals (10 nations)77721


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