Rowing at the 1928 Summer Olympics

Rowing at the 1928 Summer Olympics featured seven events, for men only. The competitions were held from 2 to 10 August.[1]

at the Games of the IX Olympiad
1928 Summer Olympics stamp of the Netherlands rowing.jpg
Rowing at the 1928 Summer Olympics on a stamp of the Netherlands
Dates2–10 August
Competitors245 from 19 nations
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Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Single sculls
  Bobby Pearce (AUS)   Ken Myers (USA)   David Collet (GBR)
Double sculls
  Paul Costello
and Charles McIlvaine (USA)
  Joseph Wright Jr.
and Jack Guest (CAN)
  Leo Losert
and Viktor Flessl (AUT)
Coxless pair
  Kurt Moeschter
and Bruno Müller (GER)
  Terence O'Brien
and Robert Nisbet (GBR)
  Paul McDowell
and John Schmitt (USA)
Coxed pair
  Switzerland (SUI)
Hans Schöchlin
Karl Schöchlin
Hans Bourquin
  France (FRA)
Armand Marcelle
Édouard Marcelle
Henri Préaux
  Belgium (BEL)
Léon Flament
François de Coninck
Georges Anthony
Coxless four
  Great Britain (GBR)
John Lander
Michael Warriner
Richard Beesly
Edward Vaughan Bevan
  United States (USA)
Charles Karle
William Miller
George Healis
Ernest Bayer
  Italy (ITA)
Cesare Rossi
Pietro Freschi
Umberto Bonadè
Paolo Gennari
Coxed four
  Italy (ITA)
Valerio Perentin
Giliante D'Este
Nicolò Vittori
Giovanni Delise
Renato Petronio
  Switzerland (SUI)
Ernst Haas
Joseph Meyer
Otto Bucher
Karl Schwegler
Fritz Bösch
  Poland (POL)
Franciszek Bronikowski
Edmund Jankowski
Leon Birkholc
Bernard Ormanowski
Bolesław Drewek
  United States (USA)
Marvin Stalder
John Brinck
Francis Frederick
William Thompson
William Dally
James Workman
Hubert A. Caldwell
Peter Donlon
Donald Blessing
  Great Britain (GBR)
Jamie Hamilton
Guy Oliver Nickalls
John Badcock
Donald Gollan
Harold Lane
Gordon Killick
Jack Beresford
Harold West
Arthur Sulley
  Canada (CAN)
Frederick Hedges
Frank Fiddes
John Hand
Herbert Richardson
Jack Murdoch
Athol Meech
Edgar Norris
William Ross
John Donnelly

Participating nationsEdit

A total of 244 rowers from 19 nations competed at the Amsterdam Games:

Only one rower (Joseph Wright Jr.) and one coxswain (Georges Anthony) competed in more than one event.

Medal tableEdit

1  United States (USA)2215
2  Great Britain (GBR)1214
3  Switzerland (SUI)1102
4  Italy (ITA)1012
5  Australia (AUS)1001
  Germany (GER)1001
7  Canada (CAN)0112
8  France (FRA)0101
9  Austria (AUT)0011
  Belgium (BEL)0011
  Poland (POL)0011
Totals (11 nations)77721

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