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Rocksteady Studios Limited is a British video game developer based in Kentish Town, London. Founded on 13 December 2004, they are best known for their work in the Batman: Arkham series. The company is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Rocksteady Studios Limited
IndustryVideo game industry
Founded13 December 2004; 14 years ago (2004-12-13)
  • Sefton Brian Hill
  • James Simon William "Jamie" Walker
Key people
OwnerWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment[1]
Number of employees
Increase 182[2] (2019)



Rocksteady was founded on 13 December 2004, by Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker.[3][4] The team hired many employees from Argonaut Games, a London-based studio which had closed in October 2004.[5]

Rocksteady's first release was the 2006 first-person shooter Urban Chaos: Riot Response, developed using the Havok engine and published by Eidos Interactive for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. After Eidos obtained the rights to make a Batman game in spring 2007, they approached Rocksteady who presented their take to the Batman license, and by May 2007, they had begun developing the concept of Batman: Arkham Asylum, with full production beginning in September 2007.[6][7] The game was released in August 2009 to critical acclaim and huge commercial success and Time Warner went on to acquiring a 74.1 percent stake in February 2010, although Square Enix Europe (formerly Eidos Interactive) still held 25.1 percent share of Rocksteady.[8][9]

Rocksteady Studios have thus become one of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in-house studios, renowned for their acclaimed games in the Batman: Arkham franchise, as Arkham Asylum was followed by Batman: Arkham City in 2011, and Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015. Although a prequel Arkham game was also developed (Batman: Arkham Origins), Rocksteady did not act as developer for the game; instead, development was handled by WB Games Montréal.

In December 2016, Sefton Hill confirmed through his official Reddit account that a new project is currently in development at Rocksteady Studios.[10]

After Square Enix sold their stake in Rocksteady to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Bros., it became a wholly owned studio.

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