List of robotic dogs

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Robotic dogs are robots designed to resemble dogs in appearance and behavior, usually incorporating canine characteristics such as barking or tail-wagging. In addition, many such "dogs" have appeared as toys and in fiction.

The robotic dog Zoomer.

Military and researchEdit


Joinmax Digital Robot Dog JM-DOG-001], offered as a semi-assembled kit (no soldering required) at $331, it offers a 15 servo-based impressive freedom of motion. Control is possible through a serial connection to the included controller board, or through simple commands sequences stored in memory.[5]

  • Flip over dogs, tere are many examples of many flip-over dogs designed to look like robots, such as F.I.D.O and Sparky.[citation needed]

In fictionEdit

In artEdit

In musicEdit

  • MC Chris wrote a song named robotdog, describing his adventures with his robotic Aibo that takes over his life.

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