Regions of Chad

The Republic of Chad is made up of twenty-three regions.

Chad was divided into regions in 2002. It was previously divided into prefectures, and then departments.

Current regionsEdit

This is a list of the regions of Chad since 2012, with population figures from the 2009 census.[1]

Administrative regions of Chad since 2012
Population map of administrative regions of Chad.
No. Region Pop.
Capital Departments
1 Batha 488,458 Ati Batha Est, Batha Ouest, Fitri
22 Chari-Baguirmi 578,425 Massenya Baguirmi, Chari, Loug Chari
23 Hadjer-Lamis 566,858 Massakory Dababa, Dagana , Haraze Al Biar
5 Wadi Fira 508,383 Biltine Biltine, Dar Tama, Kobé
2 Bahr el Gazel 257,267 Moussoro Barh El Gazel Nord, Barh El Gazel Sud
3 Borkou 93,584 Faya-Largeau Borkou, Borkou Yala
8 Ennedi-Est 107,302 Am-Djarass Am-Djarass (department), Wadi Hawar
12 Ennedi-Ouest 60,617 Fada Fada, Mourtcha
9 Guéra 538,359 Mongo Abtouyour, Barh Signaka, Guéra, Mangalmé
13 Kanem 333,387 Mao Kanem, Nord Kanem, Wadi Bissam
14 Lac 433,790 Bol Mamdi, Wayi
11 Logone Occidental 689,044 Moundou Dodjé, Guéni, Lac Wey, Ngourkosso
7 Logone Oriental 779,339 Doba La Nya, La Nya Pendé, La Pendé, Kouh-Est, Kouh-Ouest, Monts de Lam
15 Mandoul 628,065 Koumra Barh Sara, Mandoul Occidental, Mandoul Oriental
6 Mayo-Kebbi Est 774,782 Bongor Kabbia, Mayo-Boneye, Mayo-Lémié, Mont d'Illi
10 Mayo-Kebbi Ouest 564,470 Pala Lac Léré, Mayo-Dallah
19 Moyen-Chari 588,008 Sarh Barh Kôh, Grande Sido, Lac Iro
4 Ouaddaï 721,166 Abéché Abdi, Assoungha, Ouara
17 Salamat 302,301 Am Timan Aboudeïa, Barh Azoum, Haraze-Mangueigne
18 Sila 387,461 Goz Beïda Djourf Al Ahmar, Kimiti
20 Tandjilé 661,906 Laï Tandjilé Est, Tandjilé Ouest
21 Tibesti 25,483 Bardaï Tibesti Est, Tibesti Ouest
16 Ville de N'Djamena (capital) 951,418 N'Djamena 10 dawāʾir or arrondissements


From independence in 1960 until 1999 it was divided into 14 préfectures. These were replaced in 1999 by 28 départements. The country was reorganized again in 2002 to produce 18 régions. In 2008, a further four régions were created, increasing the number to 22. Ennedi Region was split into Ennedi-Est and Ennedi-Ouest in 2012, producing the current 23 regions.[2][3]

Regions (2008–2012)Edit

Regions of Chad 2008–2012 (numbered corresponding to table at left)
Key on map Region Capital
1 Batha Ati
2 Chari-Baguirmi Massenya
3 Hadjer-Lamis Massakory
4 Wadi Fira Biltine
5 Bahr el Gazel Moussoro
6 Borkou Faya-Largeau
7 Ennedi Fada
8 Guéra Mongo
9 Kanem Mao
10 Lac Bol
11 Logone Occidental Moundou
12 Logone Oriental Doba
13 Mandoul Koumra
14 Mayo-Kebbi Est Bongor
15 Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Pala
16 Moyen-Chari Sarh
17 Ouaddaï Abéché
18 Salamat Am Timan
19 Sila Goz Beïda
20 Tandjilé Laï
21 Tibesti Bardaï
22 N'Djamena (capital) N'Djamena

Regions (2002–2008)Edit

Regions of Chad 2002–2008 (numbered corresponding to table at left)
No. Region Capital Departments
1 Batha Ati Batha Est, Batha Ouest, Fitri
2 Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Faya-Largeau Borkou, Ennedi Est, Ennedi Ouest, Tibesti
3 Chari-Baguirmi Massenya Baguirmi, Chari, Loug Chari
4 Guéra Mongo Barh Signaka, Guéra
5 Hadjer-Lamis Massakory Dababa, Dagana, Haraze Al Biar
6 Kanem Mao Barh El Gazel, Kanem
7 Lac Bol Mamdi, Wayi
8 Logone Occidental Moundou Dodjé, Lac Wey, Ngourkosso
9 Logone Oriental Doba La Nya Pendé, La Pendé, Monts de Lam, La Nya (1)
10 Mandoul Koumra Barh Sara, Mandoul Occidental, Mandoul Oriental
11 Mayo-Kebbi Est Bongor Mayo-Boneye, Kabbia, Mont d'Illi (1), Mayo Lemie (1)
12 Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Pala Lac Léré, Mayo-Dallah
13 Moyen-Chari Sarh Barh Köh, Grande Sido, Lac Iro
14 Ouaddaï Abéché Assoungha, Djourf Al Ahmar, Ouara, Sila
15 Salamat Am Timan Aboudeïa, Barh Azoum, Haraze Mangueigne
16 Tandjilé Laï Tandjilé Est, Tandjilé Ouest
17 Wadi Fira Biltine Biltine, Dar Tama, Kobé
18 N'Djamena (capital) N'Djamena 10 arrondissements

(1) created in 2004

Regions created in 2008Edit

On February 19, 2008, four new regions were created:[4]

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