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Goz Beïda (Arabic: قوز بيدا‎) is the capital of the Sila (or Dar Sila) region of Chad, as well as the main town (chef-lieu) of the Kimiti department. Prior to 2008, Goz Beïda was part of the Ouaddaï Region's former Sila Department.[1]

Goz Beïda

قوز بيدا
Goz Beïda is located in Chad
Goz Beïda
Goz Beïda
Location in Chad (Sila region highlighted)
Coordinates: 12°13′25″N 21°24′52″E / 12.22361°N 21.41444°E / 12.22361; 21.41444Coordinates: 12°13′25″N 21°24′52″E / 12.22361°N 21.41444°E / 12.22361; 21.41444
Country Chad
RegionSila (Dar Sila)
Sub-PrefectureGoz Beïda
Time zone+1

Goz Beïda is 70 kilometres (43 mi) from Chad's border with Sudan's western Darfur Region.[2] The town has been seriously affected by the conflict in Darfur, which has spilled over into the surrounding area and resulted in large numbers of refugees living in the town.[3].[3]

The town is served by Goz Beïda Airport.


October 2006Edit

On 22 October 2006, the main unified Chadian rebel group, the Union of Forces for Democracy attacked the town. Conflicting reports initially surfaced as to whether the town was taken by the Union repulsed by the government troops.[4] However, it was later confirmed that the town was taken by the Union, as were several other Chadian cities.[5]

June 2008Edit

On 14 June 2008 Chadian rebels trying to topple President Idriss Deby attacked Goz Beïda, injuring at least 25 people.[2] The rebels and the Chadian army were involved in a firefight; Irish Army troops, part of the European Union Force, were fired at, but none were injured.[3] A rebel group, the National Alliance, claim to control the town.[2]

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