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The red beret is a military beret worn by many military, paramilitary, commando, and police forces but it mostly refers to Airborne troops all around the world.


The red beret was worn as a distinguishing device by Carlist Guías de Navarra (Navarre Guides) soldiers in the First Carlist War, encouraged by their commander Tomás de Zumalacárregui. Regular Carlists wore a black beret. The red beret became widespread amongst the Carlists in the Second Carlist War, it later became an emblem of Carlists in general, often with a yellow pom pom or tassel.[1] See also the Requetés, (Spanish:Hunting callers) a type of volunteer unit during the Spanish Civil War.

The red beret was also worn by the Chapelgorris (Spanish:Red caps) who fought against the Carlists in the First Carlist War.

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Red berets are worn by the military police of many NATO and Commonwealth of Nations militaries.

Red Beret-wearing, British, Royal Military Police member uses field glasses to look across the Berlin Wall from a viewing platform on the western side, 1984.

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Malaysian Maritime STAR commandos with scarlet red coloured beret.

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U.S. Air Force Combat Controller red beret
A U.S. Air Force Special Tactics Officer participating in a unit ceremony wearing his red beret

The following military units wear red berets:

The following military units formerly wore red berets:

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  • The American Indian Movement, Native American Indians whom were former U.S. military veterans, have adopted the use of the red beret as one of their Native warrior society symbols back in 1970. The Red Beret is also in use by Native American warrior societies and tribal government police, Law Enforcement and by members and veterans of Native American organizations such as the TIMB Taino Indian Movement of Boriken (Puerto Rico).

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