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The 32nd Intelligence Battalion (Swedish: 32. Underrättelsebataljonen) is the premier reconnaissance and intelligence gathering unit of the Swedish Army. The battalion possesses units and material to conduct long range reconnaissance, sabotage and control indirect fire as well as close air support (CAS). It also has the main responsibility for all drone operations in the Swedish military. It is organized under the Life Regiment Hussars (K 3) in Karlsborg.

32nd Intelligence Battalion
32. Underrättelsebataljon
Country Sweden
BranchSwedish Army
TypeSpecial reconnaissance
RoleLong range reconnaissance
Part ofLife Regiment Hussars
War in Afghanistan
Northern Mali conflict


Tasks and operationsEdit

The 32nd Intelligence Battalion is tasked with various reconnaissance and intelligence gathering operations. The majority of this being carried out by the Ranger squadrons, who operate with 8 man patrols over long ranges deep behind enemy lines in order to conduct reconnaissance or sabotage vital enemy support functions/infrastructure. In addition to that, the battalion has unmanned aerial vehicles, both smaller SUAV systems at the Ranger squadrons as well as larger, more advanced TUAV systems.

The battalion has deployed to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Mali, conducting the full spectre of its wartime tasks.


The battalion in its current form comprises one staff and support squadron, two reconnaissance squadrons and one company of paratroopers. The staff and support squadron provides command and logistic support, along with housing several specialist functions such as a HUMINT platoon and the battalions TUAV's. The reconnaissance squadrons along with the para rangers are made up of 3–4 platoons with 8-man patrols along with specialist functions such as snipers, TACP and SUAV teams.

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