Railway stations in Italy

Most railway stations in Italy are maintained and operated by RFI, a subsidiary of Ferrovie dello Stato Group. A minor part of them are operated by private and regional companies, conceded by the state.[1][2]

Stations by regionEdit

Lists of railway stations in Italy by region.[3]


RFI classifies stations into Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories.[4]


Major stations with over 6,000 passengers per day. As major interchanges they will have many departures and arrivals daily, and will be served by high-speed/long-distance services. They are the principal stations for the Italian cities they serve. They have the highest commercial potential (both fares and revenue from on-site merchants).[5]


Gold stations have high traffic levels. These include major urban inter-changes and stations serving large towns. They have a lower commercial potential.


This class includes all other small to medium-sized stations served by metropolitan and regional services. Some of these may be served by long-distance services.


Small stations with low passenger numbers. This includes minor stations served by regional services.

Busiest stationsEdit

Rank Railway Station Annual entries/exits (millions) Number of platforms City Region
1 Roma Termini 150[6] 32 Rome Lazio
2 Milano Centrale 145[7] 24 Milan Lombardy
3 Torino Porta Nuova 70[8] 20 Turin Piedmont
4 Firenze Santa Maria Novella 59[9] 19 Florence Tuscany
5 Bologna Centrale 58[10] 28 Bologna Emilia-Romagna
6 Roma Tiburtina 51[11] 20 Rome Lazio
7 Napoli Centrale 50[12] 25 Naples Campania
8 Milano Cadorna 33.1[13] 10 Milan Lombardy
9 Venezia Mestre 31[14] 13 Venice Veneto
10 Venezia Santa Lucia 30[14] 16 Venice Veneto


Grandi Stazioni is the commercial operator of 13 platinum-level railway stations. Centostazioni operates another 103 stations, including Milano Porta Garibaldi, Padova and Pisa Centrale. Both companies are owned by Ferrovie dello Stato.

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