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Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station

Milano Porta Garibaldi (IATA: IPR) is a major railway station in the Italian city of Milan, located just to the north of the neighbourhood known as Porta Garibaldi. Porta Garibaldi is the city's main station for commuter traffic with 25 million passengers annually,[2] although it is second to Centrale station considering total passenger traffic. The station is located on Piazza Sigmund Freud.

Linee S di Milano.svg Milano Porta Garibaldi
Stazione Garibali di Milano, veduta generale.jpg
The surface station
LocationPiazza Sigmund Freud, 1, Milan
Coordinates45°29′05″N 09°11′15″E / 45.48472°N 9.18750°E / 45.48472; 9.18750Coordinates: 45°29′05″N 09°11′15″E / 45.48472°N 9.18750°E / 45.48472; 9.18750
Elevation130 m
Owned byRete Ferroviaria Italiana
Operated byTrenord
Distance8.410 km (5.226 mi)
from Bivio Lambro
Train operatorsCentostazioni
ConnectionsLogo Metropolitane Italia.svg Garibaldi MM
Platform levelsSurface and underground
Other information
Fare zone1
OpenedNovember 5, 1961 (1961-11-05)[1]
RebuiltDecember 21, 1997 (underground section)
Milano Porta Garibaldi is located in Milan
Milano Porta Garibaldi
Linee S di Milano.svg Milano Porta Garibaldi
Location in Milan
Milano Porta Garibaldi is located in Lombardy
Milano Porta Garibaldi
Linee S di Milano.svg Milano Porta Garibaldi
Location in Lombardy
Milano Porta Garibaldi is located in Northern Italy
Milano Porta Garibaldi
Linee S di Milano.svg Milano Porta Garibaldi
Location in Northern Italy
Milano Porta Garibaldi is located in Italy
Milano Porta Garibaldi
Linee S di Milano.svg Milano Porta Garibaldi
Location in Italy


Garibaldi station was built in 1961 near three former stations called Porta Nuova,[3] opened between 1840 (Milan's first station on the Milan–Monza railway) and 1931. The latter station was also called Varesine (after Varese) and was the terminus of lines to Gallarate, Novara and Varese. The construction of the station was part of an ambitious project for the development of a business centre, which remains largely uncompleted. In 1966 it was connected via the Garibaldi Tunnel to Mirabello junction and connected to the line to Monza (at Greco Pirelli station) and the belt line (at Lambrate station). The station thus became accessible from all the regional lines of Ferrovie dello Stato (FS).

Train servicesEdit

Porta Garibaldi has 12 terminal platforms looking north-west and 8 through platforms going from north-west to the aforementioned Garibaldi Tunnel, thus connecting the station to Milano Lambrate, Milano Greco Pirelli, and recently to Milano Centrale as well, thanks to the passantino (Italian for "small passageway") link. This link is being used by four Frecciarossa high speed trains since September 13, 2010,[4][5] and more trains will be added starting from December 2010.[6][7]

In addition, two underground platforms are served by trains on the Milan Passante railway.

On 20 March 2006 FS's subsidiary Centostazioni started work on redeveloping the passenger facilities, which is being carried out under contract by Pool Engineering. This includes new furniture and lighting and the creation of new commercial space, but it has not affected any trackwork.

The station is topped by two skyscrapers (the Garibaldi Towers), which housed the regional offices of Trenitalia and FS. The towers, after a heavy restyling, will be housing offices of Maire Tecnimont.[8] The first one is currently[when?] finished, the second one is undergoing restyling.

The upper part of the station has been the terminus of the suburban lines S7 and S8 since 2009. Eight long-distance Eurostar Italia trains between Turin and Rome are operated by Trenitalia. Trenord offers a daily Eurocity connection to Munich in association with Deutsche Bahn and Österreichische Bundesbahnen. 3 SNCF TGV services from Paris terminate here since November 2011 instead of at Centrale station.

The station is served by the following services (incomplete):

  • High speed services (TGV) Paris - Chambéry - Turin - Milan
  • High speed services (Frecciarossa) Turin - Milan - Bologna - Florence - Rome - Naples - Salerno
  • Night train (Intercity Notte) Turin - Milan - Parma - Rome - Naples - Salerno
  • Night train (Intercity Notte) Turin - Milan - Parma - Reggio Emilia - Florence - Rome - Salerno - Lamezia Terme - Reggio di Calabria
  • Regional services (Treno regionale) Milan - Monza - Carnate - Bergamo
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S1) Saronno - Milan - Lodi
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S2) Mariano Comense - Seveso - Milan
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S5) Varese - Rho - Milan - Treviglio
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S6) Novara - Rho - Milan - Treviglio
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S7) Milan - Monza - Molteno - Lecco
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S8) Milan - Monze - Carnate - Lecco
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S11) Rho - Milan - Monza - Seregno - Como - Chiasso
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S12) Milan - Melegnano
  • Milan Metropolitan services (S13) Milan - Pavia
Preceding station   Trenitalia   Following station
toward Salerno
Intercity Notte
toward Salerno
Intercity Notte
Preceding station   SNCF   Following station
toward Paris-Lyon
Preceding station   Trenord   Following station
TerminusTreno regionale
toward Bergamo
Preceding station   Milan suburban railway service   Following station
toward Saronno
toward Lodi
toward Varese
toward Treviglio
toward Novara
toward Treviglio
toward Lecco
toward Lecco
toward Chiasso
toward Rho
toward Melegnano
toward Pavia


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