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A map of Liechtenstein showing the railway line and the 4 stations

Liechtenstein's railway is operated by the Austrian Federal Railways. The railway only incidentally serves stations in Liechtenstein, and is an exception to the more usual co-operation with Switzerland, such as Liechteinstein's use of the Swiss franc as its currency and its common customs area with its western neighbour.



The rail system of Liechtenstein is small, consisting of one line connecting Austria and Switzerland through Liechtenstein of 9.5 km (5.9 mi). This line links Feldkirch, Austria, and Buchs, Switzerland. It is electrified using the standard system used in both Austria and Switzerland (15 kV with overhead wiring).

Railway stationsEdit

Liechtenstein has only four railway stations on the Feldkirch-Buchs line:

These stations are served by an irregular passenger train service running between Feldkirch, Austria and Buchs, Switzerland. Whilst EuroCity and other long distance international trains also make use of the route, these do not call at the stations in Liechtenstein. According to the 2017 ÖBB timetable[1], the stopping train service no longer stops at Schaanwald.

Most public transport in Liechtenstein is operated by bus, including links from Buchs and Sargans railway stations in Switzerland to Vaduz. Liechtenstein Bus is the main operator.


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