Feldkirch–Buchs railway

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The Feldkirch–Buchs railway is a 18.52 km (11.51 mi) electrified single track railway line that links Austria and Switzerland passing through Liechtenstein. Owned by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), it represents the only railway line of Liechtenstein.

Line number303 01 (ÖBB)
Line length18.52 km (11.51 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm
Electrification15 kV 16.7 Hz ~ AC
Route map
0.00 Feldkirch
457 m
2.13 Feldkirch-Altenstadt
465 m
3.59 Feldkirch-Gisingen
458 m
4.80 Feldkirch-Tosters
458 m
6.95 Feldkirch-Tosters West
458 m
7.28 Feldkirch-Tisis
452 m
Border crossing A/FL
9.38 Schaanwald
450 m
11.47 Nendeln
450 m
14.12 Schaan Forst Hilti
450 m
15.87 Schaan-Vaduz
450 m
Rhine (Border crossing FL/CH)
18.52 Buchs SG
448 m
Map for the Feldkirch-Buchs railway line


The line opened in 1872, during the opening period of the Vorarlberg Railway, and was electrified in 1926. It is served by some pairs of regional trains and buses and by some international trains (EuroCity, InterCity, and Railjets) that are non-stop between Feldkirch and Buchs.[1]

In June 2008 the Canton of St. Gallen, the Federal State of Vorarlberg, and the Principality of Liechtenstein signed an agreement for a project to upgrade the line (and the surrounding ones) and to increase the rail traffic. The project, named S-Bahn Liechtenstein (de; formerly "S-Bahn FL.A.CH"[2]), was approved by Liechtenstein and Austria in a Letter of Intent signed in April 2020[3] and under that plan, it was to be fully realised by 2027 and will cost an estimated 185 million.[4] That plan was however rejected by 62.3% of Liechtenstein voters in a referendum on 30 August 2020.[5]


Station Dist. (km) Tracks Location Country Notes
Feldkirch 0.00 6 Feldkirch town center Austria
Feldkirch-Altenstadt 2.13 1 Altenstadt quarter in Feldkirch Austria
Feldkirch-Gisingen 3.59 1 Gisingen quarter in Feldkirch Austria
Feldkirch-Tisis 7.28 1 Tisis quarter in Feldkirch Austria
Schaanwald 9.38 1 Schaanwald, a civil parish of Mauren Liechtenstein Disused since 2013
Nendeln 11.47 3 Nendeln, a civil parish of Eschen Liechtenstein
Forst Hilti 14.12 1 North of Schaan, close to the Hilti AG Liechtenstein
Schaan-Vaduz 15.87 2[6] Schaan, 3.5 km from Vaduz Liechtenstein
Buchs SG 18.52 5 Buchs Switzerland


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