Queen Uihye

Queen Uihye (Korean의혜왕후; Hanja懿惠王后) was biological mother of Yi Seong-gye who was the founder of Joseon Dynasty.[1]

Queen Uihye
Queen Consort of Joseon
SpouseKing Hwanjo of Joseon
FatherChoi Han-gi
Korean name
Revised RomanizationQueen Uihye
McCune–ReischauerQueen Uihye


She is also an official wife for Yi Jachun who is father of Yi Seong-gye. Her original family name was Jo (Korean; Hanja) and her father’s name is Jo Jo (Korean조조; Hanja趙祚). But once her father was named as a chiliarch of the Yuan Dynasty he changed his name to Choi Han-gi (Korean최한기; Hanja崔閑奇).[1]

After establishment of Joseon Dynasty, Yi Seong-gye gave “Ui-Bi (Korean의비; Hanja懿妃)” as posthumous name for her mother.

She lived in Dengzhou, China for the early part of her life before moving to Hamgyeong in Korea. Her family's ethnicity is not mentioned. Her father commanded a Mingghan as a chiliarch.[1][2]


  • Father: Choi Han-gi (최한기)
  • Mother: Lady Joseonguk of Lee clan (조선국대부인 이씨)
  • Husband: King Hwanjo of Joseon (1315 – January 1360) (1315 - 1 January 1361) (조선 환조)


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