Priya Amar Priya

Priya Amar Priya (transl.My Beloved Dear) is a 2008 Bangladeshi comedy action romantic film. The film directed by Badiul Alam Khokon and produced by Monir Hossain under the banner of Asha Production. The story of the film is written and screenplay by Puri Jagannadh and the dialogue is written by Sachin Nag based on the pre-made film. It feature Shakib Khan and Sahara in the lead roles. Misha Sawdagor, Prabir Mitra, Rehana Jolly and Afzal Sharif played supporting roles in the film.[4]

Priya Amar Priya
Priya Amar Priya cover.jpg
film cover
Directed byBadiul Alam Khokon
Produced byMonir Hossain
Written bySachin Kumar Nag (dialogue)
Screenplay byPuri Jagannadh
Story byPuri Jagannadh
Music byAli Akram Shuvo
Asha Production
Distributed byAsha Production
Release date
  • June 13, 2008 (2008-06-13)
Running time
132 minutes
Budget50 lakh (equivalent to 77 lakh or US$91,000 in 2014)
Box officeest. 15 crore (equivalent to 23 crore or US$2.7 million in 2014)[2][3]

The film is a remake of the 2002 Indian Kannada-language film Appu, which was later remade in Telugu as Idiot (2002), in Tamil as Dum (2003) and in Bengali as Hero (2006).[5] The film was released in Bangladesh on June 13, 2008. Shakib Khan won Meril-Prothom Alo Awards for Best Actor, Euro-CJFB Performance Awards and Lux Channel I Performance Awards for his performance in the film.[6]


Hridoy (Shakib Khan) is the son of a Police head constable Rahmat Ali (Prabir Mitra). Hridoy is a guy with a carefree attitude. He is beaten by a rival gang at night and was rescued by a beautiful girl Priya Chowdhury (Shahara). She pays his hospital bills and donates her blood. She is gone from the hospital by the time Hridoy became conscious. When Hridoy's friends inform him about the girl who rescued him, he starts loving her immediately for her goodheartedness, though he did not see her. Priya later turns out to be the sister of the city police commissioner Rashed Rayhan Chowdhury (Misha Sawdagar).

Hridoy meets Priya in the college for the first time and expresses his love. When she does not agree, he tries to tease her. She complains to her brother, and he takes Hridoy to the police station and severely beats him before being rescued by his father and his fellow constables. Even though Hridoy is beaten by Rashed Rayhan Chowdhury, he becomes more adamant to win his ladylove. He proposes to Priya again in the college. She asks him to jump from the building. When he is ready to do so, she agrees to his love.

However, Rashed Rayhan Chowdhury is not happy about their relationship and ropes in some rowdies to amputate his leg. Priya comes to know about this and runs to help him, but is met with an accident. Both of them get admitted to the same hospital, and they unite there also. Rashed Rayhan Chowdhury finally arranges her marriage with another person, to which she openly opposes and tries to commit suicide. Priya comes and rescues her, but Rashed Rayhan Chowdhury still wants to get her married to a man of his own choice. He also engages goons to kill Hridoy. Priya finally escapes all the troubles and meets the Bangladesh Police IG (Siraj Haider) to help him to marry his love. The IG finally suspends Rashed Rayhan Chowdhury and arranges Hridoy's marriage in the police station. Finally, Hridoy appears for Bangladesh Civil Service and is selected for Bangladesh Police.


  • Shakib Khan as Hridoy
  • Sahara as Priya
  • Misha Sawdagor as Rashed Rayhan Chowdhury, police Commissioner, Priya's Brother
  • Prabir Mitra as Rahmat Ali, police constable, Hridoy's Father
  • Rehana Jolly as Hridoy's Mother
  • Mehedi as Asif, Hridoy's friend
  • Madhuri as Lata, Hridoy's sister
  • Afzal Sharif as Babu, Hridoy's friend
  • Boby as Theatre owner
  • Ilias Kobra as Commissioner's goon
  • Siraj Haider as IG, Bangladesh Police (special appearance)


The lead actor Shakib Khan took a salary 1.5 lakh for his role in the film. He signed a contract with Asha Productions with signing money of Tk 25,000 on February 14, 2006.

Filming began on December 25, 2006 and The film was shot in a few lots. The film was complete in late 2007.[7]


Priya Amar Priya
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedJune 13, 2008 (2008-06-13)
StudioAnupam Recording Media
GenreFeature Film Soundtrack
LabelAnupam Recording Media
ProducerAli Akram Shuvo
Ali Akram Shuvo chronology
Tumi Swapno Tumi Shadhona
Priya Amar Priya
Amar Jaan Amar Pran

The film soundtrack is composed by Ali Akram Shuvo and all the song written by Kabir Bakul. A total of five songs have been used in the film.

Track list
1."Nisshas Amar Tumi (নিঃশ্বাস আমার তুমি)"S I Tutul4:32
2."Chupi Chupi Kotha (চুপি চুপি কথা)"Syed Abdul Hadi, Sabina Yasmin4:31
3."First Year Damn Care"Asif Akbar3:48
4."Ami Je Tumari Premete Porechi (আমি যে তোমারি প্রেমেতে পড়েছি)"Sabina Yasmin4:26
5."Tumay Chara Beche Thaka (তোমায় ছাড়া বেঁচে থাকা)"Sabina Yasmin, Andrew Kishore4:23
Total length:21:40


The release on June 13, 2008 in 33 theatre in all around the country.


The film was one of blockbuster hit among Bangladeshi films released in 2008. The film was making with 5 million. The film grossed 150 million at the box office, making it the second highest grossing Bangladeshi film.[2][7]


Awards Nominee Category Results ref
Meril-Prothom Alo Awards Shakib Khan Best Actor Won [6]
Euro-CJFB Performance Awards Won
Lux Channel i Performance Awards Won


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