Photharam district

Photharam (Thai: โพธาราม, pronounced [pʰōː.tʰāː.rāːm]) is a district (amphoe) in the northern part of Ratchaburi province, western Thailand.

Ubosot (main hall) and chedi (pagoda) of Wat Khanon a local ancient temple
Ubosot (main hall) and chedi (pagoda) of Wat Khanon a local ancient temple
District location in Ratchaburi province
District location in Ratchaburi province
Coordinates: 13°41′32″N 99°51′13″E / 13.69222°N 99.85361°E / 13.69222; 99.85361Coordinates: 13°41′32″N 99°51′13″E / 13.69222°N 99.85361°E / 13.69222; 99.85361
 • Total417.009 km2 (161.008 sq mi)
 • Total136,745
 • Density327.91/km2 (849.3/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code70120


Photharam was a district (khwaeng) of Mueang Ratchaburi in the 19th century. In 1836 the district office was relocated from the mouth of Bang Tanod canal to the east bank of the Mae Klong River opposite Wat Chaloem Art. On 10 March 1952 it was moved to its present location in the municipality of Photharam.


Neighboring districts are (from the east clockwise) Bang Phae, Damnoen Saduak, Mueang Ratchaburi, and Chom Bueng of Ratchaburi Province; Tha Muang of Kanchanaburi province; Ban Pong of Ratchaburi Province; and Mueang Nakhon Pathom of Nakhon Pathom province.

The important water resource is the Mae Klong River.


The district is divided into 19 sub-districts (tambons), which are further subdivided into 156 villages (mubans). There are six municipal (thesaban) areas. The town (thesaban mueang) Photharam covers tambon Photaram. The townships (thesaban tambon) Ban Lueak, Ban Sing, and Chet Samian each cover the same-named tambons completely. The township Khao Khuang covers tambon Nang Kaeo and parts of Chamrae, Tao Pun, and Khao Cha-ngum. Township Nong Pho covers parts of tambon Nong Pho. There are a further 14 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

1. Photharam โพธาราม
2. Don Krabueang ดอนกระเบื้อง
3. Nong Pho หนองโพ
4. Ban Lueak บ้านเลือก
5. Khlong Ta Khot คลองตาคต
6. Ban Khong บ้านฆ้อง
7. Ban Sing บ้านสิงห์
8. Don Sai ดอนทราย
9. Chet Samian เจ็ดเสมียน
10. Khlong Khoi คลองข่อย
11. Chamrae ชำแระ
12. Soi Fa สร้อยฟ้า
13. Tha Chumphon ท่าชุมพล
14. Bang Tanot บางโตนด
15. Tao Pun เตาปูน
16. Nang Kaeo นางแก้ว
17. Thammasen ธรรมเสน
18. Khao Cha-ngum เขาชะงุ้ม
19. Nong Kwang หนองกวาง


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