Perserikatan is a term commonly refers to national amateur football competitions in Indonesia held between 1931 and 1994 before the formation of Liga Indonesia,[1] organized by the PSSI, the Indonesian football federation. The competition involved hundreds clubs in Indonesia and was divided into several levels.

In English, the term Perserikatan may literally translated to inter-association football championship as this competition involved all regional-level football associations in Indonesia.

Since 1970, in parallel, another national football league namely Galatama (The Premier League), was established for semi professional football clubs. Therefore, prior to 1994, when both Perserikatan and Galatama were merged into a new system called Liga Indonesia, both competitions existed in parallel.


The competition was started on April 19, 1930. Some of Dutch East Indies prominent football club, like VIJ Jakarta, BIVB Bandung, IVBM Magelang, MVB Makassar, SIVB Surabaya and VVB Solo, met and discuss about the future championship on the Netherlands territory. They met at Societeit Hadiprojo, Yogyakarta.

After the meeting, it was agreed that these clubs would found Persatoean Sepak Raga Seloeroeh Indonesia, the parent organization for the teams.

Before Perserikatan was held, the official nationwide football tournament was held by the Nederlands Indische Voetbal Bond, a football association consisting only Dutch people only. The tournament was Netherlands East Indies Inter-City Championship, which started on 1914.

In 1994, after being held for approximately 60 seasons, it was merged with Galatama to form new fully professional league, the Liga Indonesia.

List of Perserikatan ChampionsEdit


Season Champions Runners-up
VIJ Batavia SIVB Soerabaja
1931 VIJ Batavia PSIM Yogyakarta
1932 PSIM Yogyakarta VIJ Batavia
1933 VIJ Batavia Persib Bandung
1934 VIJ Batavia Persib Bandung
1935 Persis Solo PPVIM Meester Cornelis
1936 Persis Solo Persib Bandung
1937 Persib Bandung Persis Solo
1938 VIJ Batavia SIVB Surabaya
1939 Persis Solo PSIM Yogyakarta
1940 Persis Solo PSIM Yogyakarta
1941 Persis Solo SIVB Surabaya
1942 Persis Solo SIVB Surabaya
1943 Persis Solo PSIM Yogyakarta
1944–49 Not held
1950 Unofficial (Turnamen Kongres PSSI) Persib Bandung Persebaya Surabaya
1951 Persebaya Surabaya PSM Makassar
1952 Persebaya Surabaya Persija Jakarta
1953–54 Persija Jakarta PSMS Medan
1955–57 PSM Makassar PSMS Medan
1957–59 PSM Makassar Persib Bandung
1959–61 Persib Bandung PSM Makassar
1964 Persija Jakarta PSM Makassar
1964–65 PSM Makassar Persebaya Surabaya
1965–66 PSM Makassar Persib Bandung
1966–67 PSMS Medan Persib Bandung
1968–69 Not held
1969–71 PSMS Medan Persebaya Surabaya
1971–73 Persija Jakarta Persebaya Surabaya
1973–75 Persija Jakarta and PSMS Medan
1975–78 Persebaya Surabaya Persija Jakarta
1978–79 Persija Jakarta PSMS Medan
1980 Persiraja Banda Aceh Persipura Jayapura
1981–82 Not held
1983 PSMS Medan Persib Bandung
1984 Not held
1985 PSMS Medan Persib Bandung
1986 Persib Bandung Perseman Manokwari
1986–87 PSIS Semarang Persebaya Surabaya
1987–88 Persebaya Surabaya Persija Jakarta
1988–89 Not held
1989–90 Persib Bandung Persebaya Surabaya
1990–91 Not held
1991–92 PSM Makassar PSMS Medan
1992–93 Not held
1993–94 Persib Bandung PSM Makassar

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