Persiraja Banda Aceh

Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Kuta Raja, commonly known as Persiraja, is an Indonesian football club based in Banda Aceh, Aceh. They are currently competing in the Liga 1. They play their home matches at Harapan Bangsa Stadium. Their most memorable achievements is when they became champion of Perserikatan in 1980.

Persiraja Banda Aceh
Persiraja logo.svg
Full namePersatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Kuta Raja
Nickname(s)Laskar Rencong[1]
(Rencong Army)
Founded28 July 1957; 63 years ago (1957-07-28)
GroundHarapan Bangsa Stadium
OwnerPT Persiraja Lantak Laju[2]
Head coachHendri Susilo[4]
LeagueLiga 1
2019Liga 2, 3rd of 23 (promoted via play-offs)
WebsiteClub website

Active departments of

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Football (Women's)
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Football U-20 (Men's)
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Football U-18
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Football U-16


Persiraja was founded as a semi-professional team on July 28, 1957, initiated by PSSI. The name change from a previous name of Persib Banda to current name Persiraja is unknown to the public. In the early formation of this team, the team's headquarters are located at Blang Padang Field, before being moved to the Stadium H. Dimurthala in Lampineung. At the beginning of this team, there's nothing special from this team. The club is still under the shadow of PSMS Medan who became one of the strongest teams. In finding talented players, the team is making a "Bonden" or another term for the academy. During the period 1957 to 1974, there was no great achievement to be proud of, until finally in 1975, Persiraja successfully passed the shadows of PSMS Medan. In the 1973-1975 National Championship PSSI western region, Persiraja successfully become champion by beating strong teams from Sumatra. At that time, Persiraja successfully topped the final standings with 11 points and goal difference 31-10 (21). Thus, Persiraja right to advance to the National Championship 1975-1978 PSSI national level with PSMS Medan, PSL, and PS Bangka. At the beginning of its participation, Persiraja broke through the ranks of the 8. Persiraja also began to be known by everyone. In the following season, Persiraja managed to increase ranking to top 5. Persiraja could have been relegated in 1979, but PSSI successfully prevented by adding a team so that a total of six teams. Finally, in 1980, Persiraja successfully become a national champion in 1980 by beating Persipura Jayapura 3-1 in the final game. An honor when it won the to remember, Persiraja known since 1975, five years after the rising levels. Persiraja have to wait for 23 years since 1957 to win the title in the national football arena.


Persiraja used to have a rivalry with fellow Aceh club, PSAP Sigli. This derby is usually called as the "Classic Aceh Derby". Their matches were always in hot atmosphere.[5][6] One most tragic incident occurred in 2014, when PSAP Sigli goalkeeper, Agus Rahman, made a harsh tackle on Persiraja striker, Akli Fairuz. Akli suffered bladder leakage and, a few days after the match, died from his internal injuries due to that tackle.[7] He received a year suspension given by PSSI.[8] Nowadays, since Persiraja and PSAP Sigli are no longer in the same league level, the rivalry has been coolen down. In addition, Persiraja also have a rivalry with another Aceh club, PSBL Langsa.[9][10]


Most of spectators in Persiraja games are not affiliated with any supporter community and go to stadium just to enjoy the game. However, Persiraja have relatively small numbers of fanatic supporter community named SKULL,[11][12] which was established in 2007.[13] The name is an abbreviation of Suporter Kutaraja Untuk Lantak Laju[14] (en: Banda Aceh Supporter for the Keep Fighting). They used to have rivalry and conflict with The LAN,[15] which is the supporter community of other Aceh club, PSAP Sigli. However the two supporter communities ended the conflict in 2014.[16]


Like most Perserikatan clubs, Persiraja had been funded by the local municipality. However, according to new ordinance by Indonesian Minister of Internal Affair in 2017, the local municipalities are no longer allowed to give any fund support to Indonesian professional clubs,[17] which means for all clubs in Liga 1 and Liga 2, including Persiraja. Therefore, in March 2017, the management of Persiraja established a private company.[18] Nazaruddin, a local businessman, bought most shares, forming PT Persiraja Lantak Laju,[19][2] and became the club's president.


As of 24 March 2021[20][21][22]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
2 DF   IDN Kassim Slamat
6 DF   IDN Aliyah Alfuad
9 FW   IDN Husnuzhon
17 DF   IDN Agus Suhendra
19 FW   IDN Ramadhan
21 MF   IDN Mudasir
22 FW   IDN Andri Abubakar
26 MF   IDN Muhammad Mikail
No. Pos. Nation Player
31 GK   IDN Fakhrurrazi Quba
33 GK   IDN Aji Bayu Putra
51 FW   IDN Sílvio Escobar
77 MF   IDN Defri Rizki
78 MF   IDN Mukhlis Nakata (captain)
91 GK   IDN Teddy Heri Setiawan
96 MF   IDN Nazarul Fahmi
FW   GRN Antonio German

Naturalized playersEdit

Country Player
  Paraguay Sílvio Escobar

Club OfficialsEdit

As of 4 February 2020[23][24]
Name Role
Nazaruddin Club President
Rahmat Djailani General Secretary
Hendri Susilo Head Coach
Akhyar Ilyas Assistant Coach
Wahyu AW Assistant Coach
Eddy Harto GK Coach
Irwansyah Physical Coach


Persiraja Banda Aceh's main home stadium is H. Dimurthala Stadium, located in Lampineung village, Kuta Alam sub-district, Banda Aceh. The stadium is considered as the "Stadium of the most Sacred", because every other team that played in Banda Aceh, never draw against Persiraja, let alone defeat it. Before deciding to move to the old stadium in the second round of competition Indonesian Premier League, the team spent some period playing at the Harapan Bangsa Stadium, located in Lhong Raya, Banda Raya, Banda Aceh. The result was not disappointing, three wins and four draws. But, after they switched back their homeground to H. Dimurthala Stadium, the result was incredible. Of the five games that were held in H. Dimurthala Stadium, all games were won by Persiraja with perfect or 100% without loss though. Ever since, Persiraja use only H. Dimurthala Stadium for their home game's venue.

In 2017 and 2018 seasons, Persiraja statistics in this stadium were very impressive, having won 17 out of total 20 games without losing any single games, scoring total 46 goals and only conceded 6 goals. This positive result continues in 2019 season, that Persiraja had 100% home winning record in all their 11 home matches. By the end of this season, they won promotion to Liga 1.

After winning a promotion to 2020 Liga 1, Persiraja will move back their home ground to Harapan Bangsa Stadium,[25] since the facility in H. Dimurthala Stadium is not adequate to meet PSSI standard for Liga 1 matches.

Jersey and SponsorsEdit

The colour of team home jersey for ground player is orange, which refers to the colour of club's logo.[26][27] For the 2020 Liga 1, MBB is the kit supplier for Persiraja,[28] whilst the sponsors on jersey are Dek Gam Fondation, Bank Aceh, Lion Parcel, Extra Joss, PDAM Tirta Daroy and The Atjeh Connection.[29]

Past SeasonsEdit

The following table is Persiraja achievement in Indonesian league system since Liga Indonesia era

Season Div. Tie. Final Position Piala Indonesiaf
1994-95 Premier Divisiona 1 6th in West Zone First Round not held
1995-96 7th in West Zone First Round
1996-97 3rd in Group A Second Round
1997-98 3rd in West Zone First Round (competition was suspended)
1998-99 Relegation Play-off[30]
1999-2000 7th place in West Zone First Round[30]
2001 12th place in West Zone First Round (Relegated)[30]
2002 First Division 2 6th place in Second Round[30]
2003 5th place in Second Round[30]
2004 8th place in West Zone[30]
2005 First Roundd Did not participate
2006 2nd place in Second Round (Promoted)[30] 1st Round[31]
2007-08 Premier Division 1 17th in West Zone First Round (Relegated)e 1st Round[32]
2008-09 2 6th in Group I First Round 1st Round
2009-10 7th in Group I First Round Did not participate
2010-11 Runner-up (Promoted) not held
2011-12 IPLb 1 7th 3rd Round
2013 5th in Group L Relegation Play-off Round (Relegated) not held
2014 Premier Division 2 6th in Group 1 First Round
2015 Competition was suspended
2016 ISC Bc 4th in Group A Second Round
2017 Liga 2 1st in Group E Relegation Play-off Round
2018 3rd in Group B Second Round 1st Round
2019 3rd Place (Promoted)
2020 Liga 1 1 tbd tbd
  • Div. = Name of Division Played
  • Tie. = Tier level in Indonesian league pyramid at the time of competition



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