Peasants' Agreement

The Polish People's Party–Peasants' Agreement (Polish: Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe–Porozumienie Ludowe, PSL-PL) was a Christian agrarian political party in Poland.[1]


The party was established in October 1991 by a merger of Rural Solidarity and Polish People's Party–Solidarity, the latter a splinter group from the former.[2] In the parliamentary elections later that year it received 5.5% of the vote, winning 28 seats in the Sejm and five in the Senate.[3] It joined the coalition governments headed by Jan Olszewski and Hanna Suchocka, with party leader Gabriel Janowski serving as Minister of Agriculture.[2]

In spring 1993 the party left the government in protest at a lack of support for agriculture. Due to several splits and internal disagreements, the September 1993 elections saw the party's vote share fall to 2.4%. As it had failed to pass the 5% electoral threshold, it lost all its parliamentary representation. Following the elections the party disintegrated,[2] although it was part of Solidarity Electoral Action in the 1997 elections.[4] At a party congress on 15 January 1999 it was decided to merge into Ruch Społeczny.


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