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The Parkinson’s Foundation is a national organization whose mission is to make life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. The Parkinson’s Foundation was established in 2016 through the merger of the National Parkinson Foundation and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and has offices in Miami and New York City.

Parkinson's Foundation
Parkinson's Foundation logo.svg
FounderJeanne C. Levey; William Black
Legal status501(c)(3) Non-profit
FocusParkinson's disease research and resources [1]
HeadquartersMiami, Florida; New York City, New York
Howard Morgan
John L. Lehr
National Medical Director
Michael S. Okun, M.D.


The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) was founded by William Black, the founder of Chock full o'Nuts, in 1957. Black started the foundation after learning that his controller and close friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.[2][3] His widow, Page Morton Black, served as PDF’s chairman emeritus until her passing in July 2013.[4][5]

PDF had an advisory council of people who have PD,[6][7] and a program to advocate for participation in clinical trials.[8][9][10] It also had a help line for people with PD and their families.[11][12]

The National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) was also founded in 1957; it funded around $20 million in care, research and support services.[13] It was founded by Jeanne C. Levey, whose husband suffered from Parkinson's disease. Levey worked at the foundation until her death in 1979 at age 92.[14]

Mergers and acquisitionsEdit

In August 2016, PDF and NPF merged to form the Parkison's Foundation.[15][16][17]

In October 2017, the Parkinson's Foundation acquired the Melvin Yahr International Parkinson's Disease Foundation.[18]


The Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence network consists of leading medical centers around the globe that deliver care to more than 100,000 people with Parkinson’s disease. The Center of Excellence designation identifies institutions providing specialized Parkinson’s disease care.[19][20]


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