P'aqu Urqu (Bolivia)

P'aqu Urqu (Quechua p'aqu blond, fair, a color similar to gold, urqu mountain, [2] "'blond' or slightly golden mountain", Hispanicized spelling Paco Orkho) is a 5,182-metre-high (17,001 ft) mountain in the Andes of Bolivia. It is located in the Potosí Department, Sud Lípez Province, San Pablo de Lípez Municipality, southwest of San Pablo de Lípez. P'aqu Urqu lies between the mountains Yuraq Urqu and Yana Urqu in the northwest and Waqrayuq in the southeast.

P'aqu Urqu
P'aqu Urqu is located in Bolivia
P'aqu Urqu
P'aqu Urqu
Location in Bolivia
Highest point
Elevation5,182 m (17,001 ft) [1]
Coordinates21°48′00″S 66°39′33″W / 21.80000°S 66.65917°W / -21.80000; -66.65917Coordinates: 21°48′00″S 66°39′33″W / 21.80000°S 66.65917°W / -21.80000; -66.65917
LocationBolivia, Potosí Department, Sud Lípez Province
Parent rangeAndes

A little river named Ñañu Mayu ("slim river", Nanu Mayu) originates northeast of the mountain. It flows to the west.[1][3]


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