San Pablo de Lípez Municipality

San Pablo de Lípez Municipality is the first municipal section of the Sur Lípez Province in the Potosí Department in Bolivia. Its seat is San Pablo de Lípez.

San Pablo de Lípez
Laguna Colorada, Quetena Grande
Laguna Colorada, Quetena Grande
Location within Potosí Department
Location within Potosí Department
San Pablo de Lípez is located in Bolivia
San Pablo de Lípez
San Pablo de Lípez
Location within Bolivia
Coordinates: 22°7′S 67°12′W / 22.117°S 67.200°W / -22.117; -67.200Coordinates: 22°7′S 67°12′W / 22.117°S 67.200°W / -22.117; -67.200
Country Bolivia
DepartmentPotosí Department
ProvinceSur Lípez Province
SeatSan Pablo de Lípez
14,400 ft (4,400 m)
 • Total2,523
 • Ethnicities
Time zoneUTC-4 (-4)


The highest mountain of the municipality is Uturunku at 6,008 m (19,711 ft). Other mountains are listed below:[1][2][3]


The municipality consists of the following cantons:

  • Quetena Grande - 621 inhabitants (2001)
  • San Antonio de Lípez - 505 inhabitants
  • San Pablo de Lípez - 1,397 inhabitants

The peopleEdit

The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent.[4]

Ethnic group %
Quechua 81.5
Aymara 0.8
Guaraní, Chiquitos, Moxos 0.0
Not indigenous 17.5
Other indigenous groups 0.1


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