O Yeong-su (actor)

O Yeong-su (Korean오영수; born October 19, 1944),[3] born as O Se-kang[4] is a South Korean actor. He began acting in theatre in 1967, and has, according to himself, appeared in over 200 productions. He later began acting in film and television, often portraying monks due to his experience with Buddhist plays. In 2021, he portrayed the elderly participant Oh Il-nam in the Netflix survival drama Squid Game, which gave rise to his worldwide popularity.

O Yeong-su
Born (1944-10-19) October 19, 1944 (age 77)
Years active1967–present
Korean name
Revised RomanizationO Yeong-su
McCune–ReischauerO Yŏngsu

Early lifeEdit

O (born O se kang) was born in Kaepung County, Gyeonggi(modern day Kaesong) in 1944.[4] O's grandfather was a local educator and landlord. After the 38th parallel line drawn across Korea, he and his family moved to Paju in the southern Korean side controlled by the American army. During the Korean War that followed shortly, his father was killed and his brother was kidnapped by North Korea.[4]



O began acting in 1963 as part of a theatre crew called "The square".[5] He was a member of the National Theater Company of Korea from 1987 to 2010, where he worked with actors such as Jang Min-ho,[6] whom he considers his mentor.[7] Throughout his career, he has done productions of 'A confession for a black prostitute(흑인 창녀를 위한 고백, Albert Camus's play adaptation of the novel called Requiem for a Nun by William Faulkner[8].The change of the original title to a more explicit version brought controversy.[9])', King Lear, A Streetcar Named Desire, and The Merchant of Venice. According to O, he has appeared in over 200 productions by 2013.[10]

In his thirties, he played Faust in Goethe's Faust. In retrospect, he said was probably too young for the role at the time.[10] In his fifties, he played the titular Richard III. He said he was never satisfied with his performance because he felt like he was too old for the role.[10] In his sixties, he expressed an interest to play Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman.[10]

In 2014, O played Prospero in a National Theater of Korea production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest celebrating the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth.[11]

O played a Yeonguijeong in the play Prince Yeonsangun, the Problematic Figure in July 2015 and Vasíly in the play Fathers and Sons, based on the novel of the same name, in August 2015.[6]

In 2017, he played the titular King Lear in a production with the Daegu Metropolitan Theater Company. He's previously done a production of King Lear at the Daejeon Museum of Art in 2010.[7] In 2021,it was revealed that he would play the role of Sigmund Freud in the play "Freud's Last Session" that is expected to start its first performance in Daehangno in January 7th,2022.[12]

Film and televisionEdit

O often portrays monks on-screen.[6] He credits his experience with Buddhist plays for getting him similar roles on film and television.[13]

In 2021, he played the elderly participant Oh Il-nam in the Netflix original series Squid Game. The series, which become the most-watched show on Netflix worldwide in its first month of airing, drew newfound attention to O, which he was surprised and elated to have.[14]

In November 2021, he narrated an episode of the documentary program "Documentary three days."[15]

Other notable activitiesEdit

In November 14th,2021, O threw the first pitch at the 2021 Korean Series.[16]

Select acting creditsEdit



Year Play Role Notes Ref.
1994 '피고지고 피고지고' 국전 [19]
2010 I Love You / '그대를 사랑합니다' [20]
King Lear / '리어왕' King Lear [7]
2013 '배웅' [10]
2014 The Tempest / '템페스트' Prospero [11]
2015 Prince Yeonseon, the Problematic Figure / '문제적 인간 연산' Yeonguijeong [6][21]
Fathers and Sons / '아버지와 아들' Vasily [6]
2016 '갈매기' [22]
2017 '천덕구씨가 사는 법' [7][23]
King Lear / '리어왕' King Lear [7]


Year Film Role Notes Ref.
1998 The Soul Guardians [20][24]
2003 A Little Monk Temple Master
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring Old Monk [6]


Year Film Role Notes Ref.
1981 The First Republic Military prosecutor [25]
1988 The Fairy Of Shampoo A commercial director who was formerly a military cadet [26]
2009 Queen Seondeok Monk Wol-Cheon
The Return of Iljimae Monk Yeol-gong
2012 God of War Monk Su-gi
2021 Squid Game Oh Il-nam

Television showsEdit

Year Title Network Role Notes Ref.
2021 Documentary 3 Days KBS2 Narrator Documentary [27]



Award-giving body Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
Baeksang Arts Awards 1994 Best Actor (Theater) Pigojigo Pigojigo (피고지고 피고지고) Won [28]
Dong-A Theatre Awards 1979 Best Actor Crime on Goat Island (백양섬의 욕망) Won [10]
National Theater Association Of Korea 2000 Best Actor Abi (아비) Won [29]
Seoul Theater Festival 2006 Best Actor Jangpan (장판) Won [30]

State honorsEdit

Country or organization Year Honor Ref.
South Korea 2019 Order of Cultural Merit (Hwagwan, 5th Class) [31]

See alsoEdit

  • Late Blossom (2011)—A film adaptation of the play I Love You (2010) that O was in.


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