Ni Min-jan (Chinese: 倪敏然; pinyin: Ní Mǐnrán; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Gê Bín-jiân; 30 April 1946 – April 2005) was a famous well-rounded Taiwanese celebrity and entertainer. TV and movie star. Comedian and recording artist. Cross-talk(Xiangsheng) and play writer.

Ni Min-jan
Chinese: 倪敏然; pinyin: Ní Mǐnrán
Born(1946-04-30)30 April 1946
DisappearedApril 2005
StatusFound dead (by hanging)
DiedApril 2005 (age 58–59)
Cause of deathSuicide
Occupation(s)Actor and comedian

In 1979, he teamed up with Zhang Kui, Zhang Fei, Ling Feng, and Xia Yunfei to form the "Wenna Five Rats" (named after the Wenna Five Tigers). The group was a sensation in the Taiwan show scene in the 1980s. Ni Min-jan was brilliant at imitating funny, well-known classic characters such as "Mr. Seven" and "Vice President Ni".

The cause of his death was suicide by hanging in April 2005 at age 58 or 59.[1][2] Ni had been suffering from depression, and was having financial and family problems, including having an affair with Xia Yi.[3]

Ni was friends with singer and television personality Chang Fei and singer Frankie Kao.[3][4]

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