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National Tainan First Senior High School

The National Tainan First Senior High School (Chinese: 國立臺南第一高級中學) is a public senior high school in East District, Tainan, Taiwan. It was established in 1922 and is considered one of the most prestigious high schools in Taiwan,[1] usually only accepting students who rank in the top 3 percentile of the Taiwan Basic Scholastic Test.

National Tainan First Senior High School
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No. 1, Sec. 1, Mintzu Rd., Tainan City, Taiwan 70145, R.O.C.
TypeNational Senior High School
School districtEast
Dean蔡明輝 張敬川 施明吉 黃立欣 胡秀蘭
Number of students2500 (approximately)
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The school, originally called 臺南州立臺南第二中學校 ("Tainan Second High School"), was established in 1922 by the Governor-General of Taiwan to achieve a Japanese and Taiwanese 'learning together' policy. The Tainan Second High School provided high school education for ethnic Taiwanese, while Tainan First High School was for ethnic Japanese from mainland Japan.

Originally set up as a five-year high school, it was changed to a four-year school in 1943 due to the start of World War II.[2]

After the war, Taiwan was handed to the Republic of China, whose high school system was a 3-3-year one. In 1959, ShinHua Campus was established for senior high school students in ShinHua Township, Tainan County. The campus became independent in 1966 and was renamed to National ShinHua Senior High School. In 1970, Tainan Second High School was renamed to Provincial Tainan First High School.[2] After Tainan was no longer included in Taiwan Province, the school became nationally funded.

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