National Highway 24 (India)

National Highway 24 (NH 24) is a primary national highway in India, running in a north–south direction. This highway runs entirely in the state of Uttar Pradesh.[1] This highway was created by renumbering former NH29 and NH97 as per new numbering system of national highways.[2]

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National Highway 24
Map of National Highway 24 in red
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Route information
Length293 km (182 mi)
Major junctions
North endSonauli
H08 Koshi Highway
South endSaiyad Raja
StatesUttar Pradesh
Highway system
NH 730 NH 19

Route edit

NH24 connects Sonauli (Indo/Nepal border), Nautanwa, Kolhui, Pharenda, Rawatganj, Gorakhpur, Bhaurapur, Kauriram, Barhalganj, Doharighat, Ghosi, Mau, Mardah, Ghazipur, Zamania and Saiyad Raja in the state of Uttar Pradesh.[2][3]

Junctions edit

  H08 Siddhartha Highway - Terminal Junction at India/Nepal border.
  NH 730 near Pharenda (Anandnagar)
  NH 328 near Campierganj
  NH 727BB near Gorakhpur
  NH 27 near Gorakhpur
  NH 227A near Barhalganj
  NH 128C near Dohrighat
  NH 128D near Mau
  NH 31 near Ghazipur
  NH 124C near Medinipur
  NH 19 Terminal near Saiyad Raja.[2]

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