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National Citizens Alliance

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The National Citizens Alliance (NCA, formerly the National Advancement Party of Canada) (French: Alliance National des Citoyens) is a minor federal political party in Canada.

National Citizens Alliance
Alliance National des Citoyens
Founder Stephen J. Garvey[1]
Founded November 18, 2014
Headquarters 728 Northmount Drive North-West
PO Box 94
Calgary, Alberta T2K 6J8
Ideology Canadian nationalism[2]
National conservatism
Political position Centrism
Colours Burgundy

The party was formed in 2014 and registered with Elections Canada in 2015, under the name Democratic Advancement Party of Canada. It later became the National Advancement Party. The party is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and led by writer Stephen Garvey.

The National Advancement Party voluntarily deregistered with Elections Canada on December 31, 2017, [4] and along with a few others created a new party called the National Citizens Alliance which focuses on putting Canadians first, rejecting Globalism and restoring Canada's traditional heritage, culture and values. The National Citizens Alliance applied for registration with Elections Canada in May 2018.



In August 2015, the National Advancement Party of Canada was registered under the party name, Democratic Advancement Party of Canada (DAPC).[5] The DAPC ran four candidates in the 2015 federal election.[6] In January 2017, the party name was changed to National Advancement Party of Canada (NAPC).

On December 13, 2017 the party voluntarily deregistered itself from Elections Canada effective December 31.[4]

2015 federal electionEdit

The NAPC, under the DAPC name, fielded four candidates. Garvey was a candidate in Calgary Skyview, Fahed Khalid was a candidate in Bow River, Max Veress was a candidate in Calgary Forest Lawn, and Faizan Butt was a candidate in Calgary Nose Hill. No candidate was elected.

Calgary by-electionsEdit

The NAPC fielded two candidates in by-elections for the Calgary ridings in April 2017: Garvey was the candidate in Calgary Heritage (79 votes, 0.3% of the total), and Kulbir Singh Chawla was the candidate in Calgary Midnapore (81 votes, 0.3% of the total).[7]


As of 2018, the NCA advocates these policies:

  • Small, lean government
  • Lower taxes including rescinding carbon taxation and implementing a 7% reduction in federal taxation
  • Legislation for the recall of any MP and referendums including the ability of the Canadian people to hold a binding national no-confidence vote on a sitting government
  • Immigration policy reform
  • Restoring the 1934 Bank of Canada Act and implementing balanced budgets to address the growing federal debt annual debt service payments to commercial banks

Roles in anti-M-103 protestsEdit

Stephen Garvey was a former associate of the anti-immigrant group Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI),[8][9] until publicly cutting ties with the group in June 2017.[10] He has led or acted as spokesperson for multiple protests against M-103 as NAPC leader.

Garvey was the lead organizer of a March 2017 protest in Calgary against Motion 103 (M-103), a non-binding resolution in the federal House of Commons which condemned Islamophobia and all other forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.[11][12][13]

In May 2017, Garvey was the spokesperson for a protest in Red Deer which alleged that Syrian students at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School were given more lenient punishments for participating in a fight than other students.[14] The allegations were false, as school officials and local RCMP confirmed all eight students involved were suspended for one week.[15]

In June 2017, the NAPC held an impromptu press conference in protest against the City of Calgary for revoking the special event permit for the party's "Say No to Hate and Racism Festival", which the City viewed as "anti-Muslim and Islamophobic" and other observers characterized as "anti-Islam".[9][16] Garvey, former candidate Kulbir Singh Chawla and several other National Advancement supporters were interrupted later that month at another press conference by marchers from the anti-fascist group Calgary Antifa.[10]

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