Nashestvie (Russian: Нашествие) is one of the largest open-air festivals of Russian rock, organized by Nashe Radio station. It is held annually during the first weekend of July (until 2006: first weekend of August) somewhere in the environs of Moscow, Russia, since 1999 (open air since 2000) to this day with the exception of 2007 and 2020. Nashestvie changed its venue several times: it was initially set in Ramenskoye, Moscow Oblast, but recently it moved northwest to Tver Oblast.

Nashestvie 2008.jpg
Hundred of thousands Russian rockers waving National flag, Jolly Roger and Confederate flag at Nashestvie-2008.
GenreRussian rock
Years activesince 1999
Founded byNashe Radio

The festival's name is a word play in Russian: it literally means "invasion", but is also derived from the name of Nashe Radio (Our Radio). Media also dubbed it "Russian Woodstock".[1][2][3]


Nashestvie is participated by majority of Russia's most popular rock artists (such as Aria, Alisa, Agatha Christie, Splean, Korol i Shut), as well as bands from Ukraine and Belarus, such as Okean Elzy or Lyapis Trubetskoy. Most of the headliners represent usual Nashe Radio playlist.

Bands are not paid for participating in Nashestvie (unlike those participating in rival Krylya Festival). Instead the festival is used as a free promotion for them. Young and obscure bands can participate in Nashestvie too,[4] they play in the mornings or, since 2005, on special separate stages. Some of the bands, namely Epidemia and Melnitsa, that begun their Nashestvie history in "genre ghettos", recently started to play on the main stage.


Year Date and venue Audience Notes Headliners
Nashestvie-1999 10-11 December, Gorbunov Palace of Culture, Moscow 10,000 The first festival was the only one to be held indoors, not counting "virtual" Nashestvie-2003. Bi-2, Zemfira, Okean Elzy, Zdob si Zdub, Linda
Nashestvie-2000 19-20 August, Ramenskoye Hippodrome, Moscow Oblast 60,000[5] First of the classical open-air Nashestvies. Agatha Christie, Korol i Shut, Bi-2, Zemfira, Leningrad, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Tarakany!, Kirpichi
Nashestvie-2001 4-5 August, Ramenskoe Hippodrome, Moscow Oblast 100,000 to 120,000 Aria, Korol i Shut, Splean, Bi-2, Leningrad, Nogu Svelo!, Nochniye Snaiperi
Nashestvie-2002 10-11 August, Ramenskoe Hippodrome, Moscow Oblast 180,000 Aria, Korol i Shut, Aquarium, Agatha Christie, Splean, Nogu Svelo!, Bi-2, Zemfira, Dolphin, Piknik
Nashestvie-2003 2-3 August, Moscow, Nashe Radio studio Radio audience The open air performance was cancelled after terrorist attacks at the Krylya Festival the same year. Instead, there was a "virtual festival" with bands performing live on air in the Nashe Radio studio.[2] Mashina Vremeni, Aria, Agatha Christie, Splean, Nogu Svelo!, Bi-2, Zemfira, Dolphin, Leningrad.
Nashestvie-2004 7-8 August, Emmaus, Tver Oblast 50,000 New venue in Tver suburbs, farther from Moscow. It will host Nashestvie for the next several years. Nautilus Pompilius (special one-concert reunion), Aria, Bravo, Splean, Nogu Svelo!, Bi-2, Zemfira, Okean Elzy, Mumiy Troll, Epidemia
Nashestvie-2005 5-7 August, Emmaus, Tver Oblast 53,000 First Nashestvie to last for three days. Three scenes were built, and performance continued simultaneously. The major scene was for mainstream classic rock, second for punk and heavy metal bands, and the third for "unconventional" styles such as reggae, ska, folk. Alisa, Korol i Shut, Agatha Christie, Kipelov, DDT, Splean, Nogu Svelo!, Bi-2, Zemfira, Dolphin, Leningrad, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Melnitsa, Amatory.
Nashestvie-2006 4-6 August, Sredizemny Mys near Ryazan, Ryazan Oblast 100,000 This year the festival split into official Nashe Radio's Nashestvie in Ryazan, and rival Emmaus Festival, held on the same site in Tver Oblast as in 2004-05 but without Nashe Radio promotion. Aria, Alisa, Korol i Shut, Agatha Christie, Splean, Nogu Svelo!, Bi-2, Melnitsa, Bravo, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Okean Elzy, Epidemia, Amatory.
Nashestvie-2007 was cancelled because of a conflict over organisational problems between Nashe and the Ryazan Oblast administration.

Emmaus Festival was held on the old venue without Nashe license, attracting 40,000 and featuring Aria, Alisa, Agatha Christie, Chaif.

Nashestvie-2008 4-6 July, Emmaus, Tver Oblast 100,000 Nashestvie and Emmaus Festival reunited again under the moniker of Nashestvie.

This particular festival received much criticism. It rained during performance, and the field turned out to be not prepared for heavy rain, which resulted in areas of wet mud. Next year the Emmaus venue was finally abandoned by any of the festivals.

Aria, Alisa, DDT, Korol i Shut, Agatha Christie, Splean, Bi-2, Bravo, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Epidemia.
Nashestvie-2009 10-12 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast 80,000 to 100,000 Festival moved to a larger venue several kilometres southeast from Emmaus, due to the number of visitors. Alisa, Kipelov, Korol i Shut, Splean, Melnitsa, Mumiy Troll, Bravo, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Piknik, Flëur
Nashestvie-2010 9-11 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast 130,000 Aria, Alisa, Korol i Shut, DDT, Agatha Christie, Splean, Nogu Svelo!, Okean Elzi, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Melnitsa, Epidemia.
Nashestvie-2011 8-10 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast 173,000 Also broadcast live via internet. Festival featured an additional "theatrical scene", where stanup artists performed. Among them Mikhail Yefremov and Ivan Okhlobystin. Aria, Alisa, Korol i Shut, DDT, Splean, Okean Elzi, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Epidemia.
Nashestvie-2012 6-8 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast 125,000 Also featured a "non-format" scene with varied music and more obscure bands, such as Troll Gneot Yel and Ivan Kupala Alisa, DDT, Korol i Shut, Splean
Nashestvie-2013 5-7 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast 150,000 Introduced "Nashe 2.0" scene. Also featured an air show. Alisa, Aria, Bi-2, Kipelov, Korol i Shut, Melnitsa, Splean
Nashestvie-2014 4—6 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast 165,000 Alisa, Bi-2, DDT, Kipelov, Mashina Vremeni, Melnitsa, Splean
Nashestvie-2015 3—5 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast around 200,000 Was also broadcast by REN TV Alisa, Bi-2, Kipelov, Melnitsa, Piknik, Splean
Nashestvie Kazakhstan 29 August 2015, Almaty unknown DDT, Kipelov, Pilot
Nashestvie-2016 8—10 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast 205,000 Nashestvie's audience record to date. Was also broadcast by REN TV. Bi-2, DDT, Kipelov, Leningrad, Melnitsa, Splean
Nashestvie-2017 6—9 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast around 200,000 Was also broadcast by REN TV. This year was criticized for muddy conditions and troubled organization, as the venue was unprepared for heavy rain.[6][7] Alisa, DDT, Kipelov, Melnitsa, Piknik, Splean
Nashestvie-2018 2—5 August, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast around 200,000 Also featured air show by Russian Knights and an exhibition of military tech. Several bands declined to participate due to involvement of Russian Ministry of Defense in the festival's organization. Alisa, Aria, Leningrad, Melnitsa, Piknik, Splean
Nashestvie-2019 18—21 July, Bolshoe Zavidovo, Tver Oblast Due to last year's controversy, Nashe abandoned partnership with the Ministry of Defense and chose Roscosmos as its new partner. Alisa, Aquarium, Bi-2, DDT, Melnitsa, Piknik, Splean
Nashestvie-2020 was cancelled because of coronavirus pandemic.

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