Agatha Christie (band)

Agatha Christie (Russian: Агата Кристи) was a Soviet and Russian rock band. Formed in 1985 by Vadim Samoylov, Alexander Kozlov, and Peter Mai in Sverdlovsk.[1] under the name VIA "RTF UPI" (Russian: ВИА «РТФ УПИ») the band changed their name to Agathe Christie in 1988 [1] and went on to become one of the most notable Russian rock acts in the mid to late 1990s. During the recording sessions for their debut album "Second Front", Vadim's younger brother, Gleb, became a full-time member of the band. The band lineup changed continuously since then, with the Samoylov brothers being bandleaders, swapping vocal duties. The Samoylov brothers have been the principal songwriters of the band, together with keyboardist Alexander Kozlov.

Agatha Christie
Also known asVIA "RTF UPI" (1985)
OriginSverdlovsk, Russia
Years active1985 (1985)–2010, 2015 (Reunion)
  • Sintez Records
  • Extraphone
  • Nikitin/WWW Records
  • Style Records
  • Soyuz Studio
Associated acts
  • The Matrixx
WebsiteOfficial site
Past membersGleb Samoylov
Vadim Samoylov
Konstantin Bekrev
Roman Baranyuk
Alexander Kozlov
Andrei Kotov
Peter Mai
Lev Shultyev
Albert Popatkin
Dimitri Khakimov

The band's music has spanned through a variety of genres across their albums, including gothic rock, post punk, alternative rock, psychedelic rock[2], glam rock[2], art rock and hard rock[2].

The band has released 10 studio albums, 5 compilation albums, 2 remix albums, 3 extended plays, and 18 music videos in their career. The band announced their breakup in 2009, embarking on a final tour across Russia and nearby countries. The band released their final album "Epilogue" in 2010, and played their final concert at the Nashestvie festival that same year.

After the dissolution of Agatha Christie in 2010, the former lead singer Gleb Samoylov, together with keyboardist Konstantin Bekrev and drummer Dmitry Khakimov, formed the group The Matrixx.

Gleb Samoylov, 2011

Vladislav Surkov, an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was credited with penning some of the lyrics for Agatha Christie's songs.[3]

Honors and awardsEdit

Vadim Samoylov
Concert in Donetsk, 2015


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