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Korol' i Shut (The King and the Jester, Russian: Король и Шут) were a Russian horror punk band from Saint Petersburg that took inspiration and costumes from tales and fables. In Russia this band has an iconic status.[1]

Korol i Shut
Автограф-сессия группы «Король и Шут» 3.jpg
Band's leaders, Andrey Knyazev and Mikhail Gorshenyov
Background information
OriginSaint Petersburg, Russia
GenresHorror punk, Folk punk, shock rock, Art punk
Years active1988–2014
LabelsМистерия Звука
Мелодия Records
Past membersMikhail Gorsheniov
Andrei Kniazev
Alexandr Balunov
Shurik Vasiliev
Dmitrii Riabchenko
Dmitrii Kandaurov
Grigorii Kuzmin
Alexey Gorshenev
Maria Nefiodova
Dmitri Rishko
Yakov Tsvirkunov
Alexander Shchigoliev
Pavel Sazhinov
Alexandr Leontiev
Sergey Zaharov


The band was formed in 1988 by school friends in Saint Petersburg around founder members Mikhail Gorshok Gorshenev (Михаил Горшок Горшенёв), Alexandr Balu Balunov (Александр Балу Балунов) and Alexandr Lieutenant Shchigoliev (Александр Поручик Щиголев). Singer Andrei Kniaz Kniazev (Андрей Князь Князев) joined the band in 1990 and guitarist Yakov Tsvirkunov (Яков Цвиркунов) in 1997. The band's name, which means The King and the Jester, was adopted in 1992, its previous name was Bureau (Контора).

Korol' i Shut's lyrics are written by Kniazev and feature horror stories and folk tales about pirates, trolls, ghosts and vampires, as well as Slavic mythology. Many of their songs, despite their intimidating appearance and style, are actually humorous, sarcastic or ironic (dark humor). The band members wear Misfits-inspired horror make-up onstage.

The band recorded for the first time in 1991 in a semi-professional studio. It was programmed on the radio soon after and began to tour around Saint Petersburg's clubs. They began rehearsing in the club Tamtam[2][3] in which started performing Chimera[3] and Tequilajazzz.[3] From 1993, it started touring also in Moscow.

In 1994, the band's released a few copies of a tape named Bud' kak doma putnik (Будь как дома путник – Make Yourself At Home, Wayfarer). In 1997, the songs from this tape were re-recorded and released as band's second official album under the name Korol' i Shut.

The first official album was 1996's Kamnem po golove (Камнем по голове – Stone To The Head) which was distributed by "Melodiya". Many other albums were released since then. The first music video was released in 1998 for the song Yeli miaso mujiki (Ели мясо мужики -- Men Were Eating Meat).

The band's lead singer Mikhail Gorsheniov died of heart failure at the night from 18 to 19 July 2013. After a farewell tour during the fall and winter of 2013, Korol i Shut officially broke up in January 2014. Surviving members have founded a new band named 'Severny Flot'.[4][5]

However, due to the numerous requests of the fans, the former band members decided to keep the name of the band, 'Korol i Shut' exclusively for the release of the unfinished zong-opera "TODD".[6]

Former membersEdit

  • Mikhail Gorshok Gorsheniov (Михаил «Горшок» Горшенёв) - vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Andrei Kniaz Kniazev (Андрей «Князь» Князев) - vocals, lyrics
  • Alexandre Balu Balunov (Александр "Балу" Балунов) — bass guitar, guitar
  • Alexandre Vasia Vasiliev (Александр "Вася" Васильев) — drums
  • Dmitrii Riabchik Riabchenko (Дмитрий "Рябчик" Рябченко) — bass guitar
  • Dmitrii Kolbasa" Kandaurov (Дмитрий "Колбаса" Кандауров) — bass guitar
  • Grigorii Kuzmin (Григорий Кузьмин) — bass guitar
  • Alexey Yagoda Gorshenev (Алексей "Ягода" Горшенёв) — drums
  • Maria Masha Nefiodova (Мария "Маша" Нефёдова) — violin
  • Dmitri Casper Rishko (Дмитрий Ришко) - violin
  • Yakov Yasha Tsvirkunov (Яков "Яша" Цвиркунов) - guitars, backing vocal
  • Alexandre Porutchik Shchigoliev (Александр «Поручик» Щиголев) - drums
  • Pavel Pahan Sazhinov (Павел Сажинов) - keyboards
  • Alexandre Renegat Leontiev (Александр "Ренегат" Леонтьев) — guitar
  • Sergey Zahar Zaharov (Сергей «Захар» Захаров) - bass guitar


Date of Release Title Translation
1996 Камнем по голове Stone to the Head
1997 Король и Шут King and Jester
1999 Акустический альбом Acoustic Album
1999 Ели мясо мужики (live) Men Were Eating Meat
2000 Герои и злодеи Heroes and Villains
2001 Собрание Gathering
2001 Как в старой сказке Like in an Old Tale
2002 Жаль, нет ружья! Alas, I Have No Rifle!
2003 Мёртвый анархист (DVD) Dead Anarchist
2004 Бунт на корабле Mutiny on the Ship
2006 Продавец кошмаров Trader of Nightmares
2007 Страшные Сказки Scary Tales
2008 Тень Клоуна The Clown's Shadow
2010 Театр демона Demon's Theatre
2011 TODD. Акт 1. Праздник крови TODD. Act 1. Feast of Blood
2012 TODD. Акт 2. На краю TODD. Act 2. At the Edge


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