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The rank of Lieutenant in Eastern Europe (Croatian: poručnik, Czech: poručík, Polish: porucznik, Russian: poruchik, Serbian: poručnik, Slovak: poručík) is rank used in Slavophone armed forces. Depending on the country, it is either the lowest or second lowest officer rank.

Countries which use the Eastern European variant


The rank designation Poruchik might be derived from Russian: поpученец (a person tasked by a special mission); Russian: поручение (to receive an order) or Russian: пору́чить (tasked to look after). Normally the Poruchik received military orders in written form and was responsible to meet the particular goals and objectives anticipated.

Russian imperial armed forcesEdit

Lieutenant insignia used by the Imperial Russian Army.

The Imperial Russian Army introduced this rank first in middle of the 17th century, by the Strelets so-called New Order Regiments[clarification needed], reflected in the Table of Ranks. A Poruchik was normally assigned to assistant commanding officer of a company, later platoon. In 1798 this particular rank designation was replaced by Lieutenant beginning with the Russian Guards, followed by other military units, and legalised by the Table of Ranks.

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