Bravo (band)

Bravo (Russian: Браво) is a rock and roll band founded in 1983 in Moscow, Russia[1] by guitarist Evgeny Havtan.

"The Greatest Hits" concert in The Opera House, Toronto in 2016
"The Greatest Hits" concert in The Opera House, Toronto in 2016
Background information
OriginMoscow, Russia
GenresBeat, rockabilly, jazz rock, soft rock
Years active1983–present
MembersEvgeny Havtan
Pavel Kuzin
Robert Lenz
Alexander Stepanenko
Dimitriy Ashman
Past membersZhanna Aguzarova
Andrei Konusov
Valeriy Syutkin
Aleksey Ivanov
Sergey Lapin
Anna Salmina
Tatyana Ruzaeva
Evgeny Osin
Irina Elifanova
Igor Danilkin
Timur Murtuzaev
Dmitry Gaidukov
Igor Andreev
Fiodor Ponomariov
Aleksey Elenskiy
Sergey Bushkevich
Pavel Markazyan
Denis Mazhukov
Feliks Lakhuti


Evgeny Havtan in 2008
Zhanna Aguzarova in 2007
Robert Lenz in 2008

Drawing heavy inspiration from 1950s western music, Bravo was a part of the Soviet rock and roll revival of the 1980s, along with Secret. Their first album was made in 1983.

Despite the fact that at that time rock and roll and beat music (except for The Beatles) were less popular among Soviet citizens than classic rock, the band was one of the most popular underground acts in Russia in the 1980s, until the departure of original lead singer Zhanna Aguzarova (ru:Жанна Агузарова)[2] in 1988. Since then Bravo has achieved success with several different singers, Valeriy Syutkin[3] (1990-1994) and Robert Lenz (since 1996).

In 2011, after a ten-year break from studio recordings, Bravo released an album Fashion (Russian: Мода), which received highly positive reviews from critics[4][5] and good attention from younger audiences. The band recorded the album using vintage instruments from the 50s and 60s.[6] The album was produced by Ghian Wright.[7] The album cover includes a photography of Audrey Hepburn from the US-American romantic comedy Roman Holiday.[8]


Studio albumsEdit

  1. Cassette 1983 Кассета 1983 (1983)
  2. Cassette 1985 Кассета 1985 (1985)
  3. Bravo Браво (1987)
  4. Ensemble Bravo Ансамбль Браво (1987)
  5. Fops from Moscow Стиляги из Москвы 1990
  6. Moscow Beat Московский бит 1993
  7. Road to the Clouds Дорога в облака 1994
  8. The Wind Knows... (single) Ветер знает... 1995
  9. At the Crossroads of Spring На перекрёстках весны 1996
  10. Serenade 2000 EP Серенада 2000 1997
  11. Hits about Love Хиты про любовь 1998
  12. Eugenics Евгеника 2001
  13. Fashion Мода 2011
  14. Forever Навсегда 2015

Compilations and live albumsEdit

  1. Zhanna Aguzarova and Bravo Жанна Агузарова и Браво (1993)
  2. Live in Moscow (1994)
  3. Songs from Various Years Песни разных лет (1995)
  4. The Star Catalog (tribute) Звёздный каталог (2004)
  5. 30 Years. Concert in Stadium Live 30 лет. Концерт в Stadium Live (2014)
  6. Bravospective Бравоспектива (2017)


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