Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters

The Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) is a Namibian political party formed in June 2014. The party has close links to the South African Economic Freedom Fighters.[1] Economically, the two parties are similar, with the NEFF describing itself as a Pro Freedom, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movement,[2] to be against foreign exploitation of the country's natural resources and proposing that land and its natural resources be owned by indigenous people.[3]

Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters
LeaderEpafras Mukwiilongo
FoundedJune 2014 (2014-06)
Split fromSWAPO
IdeologyBlack nationalism
Left-wing populism
Political positionLeft-wing (economically)
Right-wing (socially)
Seats in the National Assembly
2 / 104
Seats in the National Council
0 / 42
Regional Councillors
0 / 121
Local Councillors
0 / 378
Pan-African Parliament
0 / 5

Led by former SWAPO member Epafras Mukwiilongo, the party differs from its South African relative in its anti-homosexual rhetoric, with Mukwiilongo stating that "Today, the imperialists are manipulating/influencing our nation through homosexual practices. The NEFF is committed to uniting all Namibians to root out this evil practice. Namibia will never be ruled by homosexuals".[3]

The party contested the November 2014 elections. It only gathered 0.36% of the votes and failed to gain any seats in the National Assembly. Its presidential candidate Mukwilongo came in last of the nine contenders.[4] In the 2019 Namibian general election NEFF won 1.7% of the votes and two seats in parliament, although its presidential candidate Mukwiilongo again finished last.[5]

Election resultsEdit

Election Votes % Seats
2014 3,259 0.36% 0/104
2019 13,580 1.66% 2/104


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