Names and titles of Jesus in the Quran

There are a variety of titles are used to refer to the penultimate prophet of Islam, Isa ibn Maryam in the Quran. Islamic scholars emphasize the need for Muslims to follow the name of Isa, whether spoken or written, with the honorific phrase "Alay-hi ’s-salām" (Arabic: عليه السلام) which means peace be upon him. Isa is mentioned by name or title 78 times in the Quran.[1]


Isa Ibn Maryam written in Islamic calligraphy

Isa ibn MaryamEdit

The name Isa is derived from Arabic: عيسى, romanizedʿīsā, meaning the "salvation of God". Isa is also referred to as Isa ibn Maryam, meaning Isa, son of Maryam.[2] In the Quran, Isa is referred to by name 23 times.[note 1]


Isa is the Messiah in Islam[3][4] and is the called Īsā al-Masīḥ by Muslims. It is one of several titles of Isa, who is referred to as Masih or Al-Masih 11 times in the Quran.[note 2] It means 'the anointed', 'the traveller', or 'one who cures by caressing'.[3]


Spirit of GodEdit

The Arabic word Ruhullah (Arabic: روح ‌الله) is composed of the elements ruh (Arabic: روح) (spirit) and Allah (God) (Arabic: الله). Thus, Ruhullah means "spirit of God". Ruh can also be used to mean the blowing of breath, a reference to the conception of Isa, which took place when the angel Jibril blew his breath onto Maryam's collar.[5] 

Isa is called Ruhullah 11 times in the Quran.[note 3]

Pure BoyEdit

According the Quran and Hadith, Isa and his mother Maryam were the only two people whom Shaitan did not touch and so were without sin, so Isa is called a pure boy (Arabic: غُلَٰمًا زَكِيًّا, romanizedġulammā zakīwā).[6][7][8] He is referred to as pure boy nine times in the Quran.[note 4]

Word of GodEdit

Isa is called kalima (word) or Kalimat Allah (word of God) six times in the Quran.[9][note 5]


In Islam, Isa's return is one of the ten major signs of Day of Resurrection.[10] In the Quran, Isa is four times called an Āyah (Arabic: آيَة, lit.'sign', also used to designate a verse of the Quran).[note 6]


Isa is called honourable or distinguished (Arabic: وَجِيهاً, romanizedwajīḥ) just once in the Quran, in Surah Al-Imran, verse 3:45.[11] Many Muslims refer to Isa as Īsā al-Wajīḥ, since he is an honoured Prophet in Islam.[6][12]

Word of TruthEdit

Isa is called the "Word of Truth" or "Statement of Truth" in the verse 34 of Maryam.[13]


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