Mukaishima Island, Hiroshima

Mukaishima Island (向島, Mukaishima) is the northernmost island in Geiyo Islands chain accommodating Nishiseto Expressway connecting Honshu and Shikoku islands. Its coasts are washed by Seto Inland Sea. The island's highest peak is Takamiyama (高見山) 283.2 m (929 ft) high.

Mukaishima Island
Native name:
向島 Mukaishima
Mukaishima - panoramio.jpg
Seen from the SSE
Mukaishima Island is located in Japan
Mukaishima Island
Mukaishima Island
Location in Japan
LocationSeto Inland Sea
Coordinates34°23′10″N 133°12′03″E / 34.386088°N 133.200866°E / 34.386088; 133.200866Coordinates: 34°23′10″N 133°12′03″E / 34.386088°N 133.200866°E / 34.386088; 133.200866
Area23.31 km2 (9.00 sq mi)
Length7 km (4.3 mi)
Width5 km (3.1 mi)
Highest elevation283.2 m (929.1 ft)
Highest pointTakamiyama
Population25816 (1968-2003)
Pop. density1,108/km2 (2870/sq mi)
Ethnic groupsJapanese


The Mukaishima is pear-shaped and separated from the Honshu mainland by 200-meters wide strait.



The Mukaishima is connected to the mainland of Honshu and Innoshima islands by bridges of Nishiseto Expressway (Shimanami Kaidō). Also, bridge connection do exist to Iwashi-jima [ja], and ferry is available to Fukuyama with the stop-over at Momoshima, Hiroshima [ja]. The island is served by the national Route 317. The buses to Mukaishima can be taken from Hiroshima, Fukuyama or Onomichi cities.[2]

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The Mukaishima Island is the important shipbuilding center, with several shipyards on the north of the island producing coastal vessels.[3] Also, Mukaishima Dockyard is the leading ship repair center in Japan, serving about 300 ships annually.

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